Queen Sugar


Follows the life of three siblings, one brother and two sisters, who, with one of the sister's teenage son, move to the heart of Louisiana to claim an inheritance from their recently departed father - an 800-acre sugarcane farm.
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S3E7 -Study War No More

Violet celebrates her 60th birthday, Nova and Remy grow closer, and ..

S3E6 - Delicate and Stran..

Remy and Nova address their feelings; Violet receives a business pro..

S3E2 - Of Their Sojourn H..

Violet receives a business proposition that she cannot refuse, Nova ..

S3E1 - Unto the Sun

Ralph Angel finally learns the truth about his biological connection..

S2E16 -Dream Variations

Charley's shocking plan to save her business puts her relationship w..

S2E15 - Copper Sun

Charley fires Darla after learning that she's lied to her family. Mi..

SE - On These I Stand

Ralph Angel is left devastated by Darla's news; Charley's business i..

S2E13 - Heritage

Remy and Charley question whether they are on the same page in their..

S2E12 - Live in the All A..

Nova and Robert's relationship hits a major setback. Darla and Ralph..

S2E11 - Fruit of the Flower

Nova and Robert's relationship begins to shift; Ralph Angel feels hu..

S2E10 - Drums at Dusk

An unexpected encounter creates issues between Ralph Angel and Darla..

S2E9 - Yet Do I Marvel

Darla reaches out to her family to share her engagement news; Violet..

S2E7 - I Know My Soul

Ralph Angel's confession continues to cause unrest and his appeal to..

S2E5 - Caroling Dusk

Charley's therapist appointment brings to light childhood issues. No..

S2E4 - My Soul's High Song

Charley searches for a more permanent home for Micah. A whitefly inf..

S2E3 - What Do I Care For..

Micah finds solace at Nova's place. Charley confronts Davis about th..

S2E2 - To Usward

Ralph Angel has an idea for the farm. Charley is blindsided during h..

S2E1 - After the Winter

Charley and Davis remain entangled. Ralph Angel tries to find his fo..

S1E13 - Give Us This Day

Charley continues to make calculated decisions about Davis' basketba..

S1E10 - So Far

Charlie searches for a new mill; and realizes that there's more to t..

S1E9 - Next To Nothing

As the siblings work together to repair the damage caused by the hur..

S1E6 - As Promised

Nova's public comments about Charley's marriage causes a rift betwee..

S1E4 - The Darker Sooner

Ralph Angel tries to run the farm while the other siblings return to..

S1E2 - Evergreen

The Bordelon siblings try to plan their father's funeral but tension..

S1E1 - First Things First

A woman gives up her upscale Los Angeles lifestyle to return home to..