Gil Favor is trail boss of a continuous cattle drive; he is assisted by Rowdy Yates. The crew runs into characters and adventures along the way.
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S8E13 -Crossing at White ..

Rowdy hires Jonas Bolt to guide the herd to and across the river. R..

S4E30 -Abilene

The herd finally arrives in Abilene, the end of a long, hard drive. ..

S2E5 - Incident Of The Th..

Wishbone, in desperate need of a dentist, finds one in Blanton. Alon..

S2E3 - Incident Of The Sh..

When a delusional old man attacks the passing drovers, his daughter-..

S2E2 - Incident at Danger..

Pete and Quince find young Davey Colby who says Indians killed his f..

S2E1 - Incident of the Da..

Rowdy goes to town to pick up the mail for the men and stops a runaw..

S1E22 - Incident of a Bur..

A badly beaten wild man, Bing, says that Comancheros are planning to..

S1E21 - Incident in No Ma..

Favor and Rowdy ride into a settlement of women to find out the sour..

S1E20 - Incident of the J..

With wolves threatening the herd, Pete is sent to town to get a wolv..

S1E19 - Incident of the D..

Jess Hode, a bitter ex-trailboss who the owners thought was too old,..

S1E18 - Incident Below th..

Favor's welcome to Paradise Valley is a group of gun toting farmers ..

S1E17 - Incident of Fear ..

Pete is injured, so Favor and Rowdy into a nearby town for a doctor...

S1E16 - Incident of the M..

Rowdy finds two indians dead outside a house. Amelia Spaulding is in..

S1E15 - Incident of the C..

Favor and Pete find Jenny Watson outside a burned cabin. Her parents..

S1E14 - Incident of the D..

Favor stops Talby from shooting Johnny Camber, who he says is Billy ..

S1E13 - Incident of the C..

Favor and Rowdy are looking for strays. They enter a deserted mining..

S1E12 - Incident of the C..

The drive faces a formidable tasks climbing to a plateau known for i..

S1E11 - Incident of the C..

Banditos inside and outside threaten the herd and the drovers.

S1E10 - Incident of the G..

Brother Bent the newest drover sparks gold fever, when he flashes a ..

S1E9 - Incident of the To..

When Rowdy and two steers are thought to have anthrax, The only medi..

S1E8 - Incident West of L..

Four stranded women provide a love interest and a complication for F..

S1E7 - Incident at Barker..

Brazo, a retired gunfighter, attempts to keep his kid brother from t..

S1E6 - Incident of the Po..

Gil Favor gets permission from rancher Jed Reston to drive his herd ..

S1E5 - Incident On the Ed..

The drive trapped by high water is approached by a Colonel and lady ..

S1E4 - Incident of the Wi..

Rowdy tries to help Clovis leave her sheriff husband.

S1E3 - Incident with an E..

A stage load of passengers being chased by the man with the black sa..

S1E2 - Incident at Alabas..

Rowdy's wartime friend, they spent time in a POW camp, is getting ma..

S1E1 - Incident of the Tu..

Two outlaws kill their lawman escort in Favor's camp, saddling the t..