Scene of the Crime with Tony Harris


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S2E6 -Deadly Deceit

Newly engaged nurse Angela Moss is shot dead at the end of her shift..

S2E5 -Death of a Salesman

In Kinston, N.C., Tony Harris investigates the murder of Billy White..

S2E4 - Three Is the Deadl..

Darrell Blagg comes home from work expecting to greet his wife, Step..

S2E3 - Lonnie's Last Fune..

Lonnie Turner Sr. is gunned down in his own bedroom; someone surpris..

S2E2 - The Lego Murder

Tony Harris investigates the murder of 78-year-old Lucille Johnson w..

S2E1 -Down by the River

Tony Harris investigates the 1990 case of three prostitutes killed i..

S1E6 - Abused or Abuser?

In Bridgeport, Conn., young mother Cherelle Baldwin struggles to pro..


Tony Harris explores the fragile world of teenage romance after a be..

S1E4 - Mystery at Chimney..

Tony Harris investigates the death of Jeff Bradstreet, a doctor know..

S1E3 - Family TiesFamily ..

In Texas, teenaged brothers John and Michael Arena are locked up for..

S1E2 - Hearses & Lies

Tony Harris investigates the disappearance of 51-year-old housewife ..


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