School of Rock


Misadventures of Dewey Finn, a rocker who poses as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school as he teaches his unconventional and overachieving students to play and love rock 'n' roll.
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S3E20 -I Love Rock and Ro..

When Dewey's old band gets to play his dream venue at the Austin Mus..

S3E18 -Photograph

The whole band works together to get Zack to look perfect for photo ..

S3E17 - We Gotta Get Out ..

Freddy looks for a response from Summer after telling her how he fee..

S3E13 - A Matter of Trust

Summer takes pity on the band's nemesis, Justin from Night Lizard, a..

S3E11 -Puppy Love

Tomika and Summer's friendship becomes strained when Summer starts t..

S3E10 -Would I Lie to You?

Freddy writes a song about the band being so supportive, but they fi..

S3E9 - Kool Thing

Tomika goes to great lengths to prove she is cool to the new girl in..

S3E8 - Jingle Bell Rock

While Tomika and Summer try to get Kale into the school's Holiday pa..

S3E7 -Heroes & Villains

After comic books get banned at school, Tomika decides to create her..

S3E6 - Minimum Wage

Summer tries to get a job at her favorite store in the mall to earn ..

S3E5 - The Other Side of ..

Summer has an identity crisis after getting her first B, and it is u..

S3E4 - Leader of the Band

An online review of the band labels Tomika as the leader, sparking a..

S3E3 - True Colors

The band decides to make a music video, but when Tomika and Freddy h..


No description

S2E7 - Truckin

When the cafeteria shuts down, Zack starts a food truck, only to fin..

S2E6 - Welcome to My Nig..

When Principal Mullins goes home sick, Mr. Finn's class decid..

S2E5 - I Put a Spell on You

After being hypnotized to sing well, Summer spars with Tomika over a..

S2E4 - Brilliant Disguise

The band is booked to perform in disguise at the school dance so the..

S2E3 - With or Without You

Lawrence tries to prove his value to the group by taking over the pr..

S2E2 - Wouldn't It Be Nice

Summer's attempt to share a locker with Freddy sets off a chain reac..

S2E1 - Changes

When Summer and Freddie go out the band is upset because all Summer ..


No description

S1E9 - Money (That's What..

After losing their entrance fee for the Battle of the Bands, they mu..

S1E5 - We're Not Gonna Ta..

When Zack's dad catches him on the electric guitar at home, he moves..

S1E3 - Video Killed the S..

Principal Mullins installs surveillance cameras in all the classroom..

S1E2 - Cover Me

When Summer asks Tomika for help to become the lead singer, Tomika m..

S1E1 - Come Together

Dewey motivates his students to form a secret rock band in the serie..