Sea of Souls


Dr. Douglas Monaghan heads a small staff at a Glasgow, Scotland university that studies and performs experiments concerning paranormal activities and abilities. His staff includes a woman who has some psychic gifts herself, as well as a skeptic who always looks askance at what happens during their investigations.
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S4E2 - The Prayer Tree: P..

As Professor Monaghan continues his research into the house, he find..

S4E1 - The Prayer Tree: P..

When a young couple, Karen and Ian O'Rourke, move into an old home t..

S3E6 - Rebound

After dabbling in black magic, a young woman manifests extraordinary..

S3E5 - Succubus

A young man is approached by lady who predicts his death, handing hi..

S3E4 - The Newsroom

Justine and Craig are hired by Rosie Galt, the manager of an upmarke..

S3E3 - Sleeper

Justine agrees to help one of the students in her tutor group with a..

S3E2 - Oracle

Believing that a scarf has set off a premonition of a local woman's ..

S3E1 - Insiders

A young couple, Angus and Caroline Jenson, hold a seance to contact ..

S2E6 - Empty Promise: Par..

John Wade is convinced that he can cure young Chloe Williams of her ..

S2E5 - Empty Promise: Par..

Douglas Monaghan welcomes back one of his former students, Peter Loc..

S2E4 - Omen: Part 2

Although Daniel Blakemore has died accidentally, the Army still want..

S2E3 - Omen: Part 1

Daniel Blakemore seeks out Dr. Douglas Monaghan but has a strange wa..

S2E2 - Amulet: Part 2

Douglas and Justine continue their investigation, even though they w..

S2E1 - Amulet: Part 1

Findley Morrison seeks Dr. Douglas Monaghan's assistance when strang..

S1E6 - That Old Black Mag..

Yemi returns to London accompanied by William but she starts to see ..

S1E5 - That Old Black Mag..

Yemi is a student who also has to deal with the fact that her father..

S1E4 - Mind Of Matter: Pa..

Having concluded that the George young Joe has been referring to is ..

S1E3 - Mind Of Matter: Pa..

Katie Quinn brings her six year old son to the unit when he shows di..

S1E2 - Seeing Double: Par..

elen can't understand why Carol would put her ideal home situation i..

S1E1 - Seeing Double: Par..

Dr. Douglas Monaghan and his his two assistants investigate the case..