Shades of Blue


Detective Harlee Santos (Jennifer Lopez) is a single mother from New York City, New York. She joins the FBI's anti-corruption task force, whilst dealing with her own financial problems by bribing officers in order to afford for her daughter Cristina (Sarah Jeffery).
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S3E5 -The Blue Wall

Harlee discovers that the intelligence unit’s involvement in crimi..

S3E4 - A Walking Shadow

Harlee focuses her sights on taking down the intelligence unit. Stah..

S3E3 - That Way Madness L..

Harlee questions her own sanity as Wozniak keeps secrets from those ..

S3E2 - The Hollow Crown

Dealing with a loss, Harlee pursues evidence of a higher level of co..

S3E1 - Good Police

Harlee and Wozniak, still dealing with the fallout from their near d..

S2E13 - Broken Dolls

In a dramatic confrontation, Wozniak faces the ally who betrayed him..

S2E12 - Behind the Mask

Harlee helps Nava cover his tracks after a violent encounter, reveal..

S2E11 - The Quality of Me..

Harlee and Wozniak lead the crew on a dangerous mission to heist Bia..

S2E10 - Whoever Fights Mo..

Harlee and Wozniak lead a manhunt for the gunmen who ambushed the cr..

S2E9 - Chaos Is Come Again

Harlee makes the chilling discovery that someone is texting Cristina..

S2E8 - Unpaid Debts

Wozniak goes after Bianchi for breaking their agreement. Harlee seiz..

S2E7 - A House Divided

Following Harlee's brave confession to the entire crew that she has ..

S2E6 - Fracture

Harlee and Wozniak investigate Caroline's (Nava's ex-fiancée) murde..

S2E5 - Sweet Caroline

The mafia seeks revenge on Harlee by framing her for murder. As Harl..

S2E4 - Daddy's Girl

Realizing that Stahl (Warren Kole) will stop at nothing to arrest Ju..

S2E3 - Ghost Hunt

After Wozniak refuses to play ball with the FBI, Stahl turns up the ..

S2E2 - Eye Of The Hurricane

Following Wozniak's discovery that Stahl's target is his close frien..

S2E1 - Unforgiven

In the second season opener, Harlee Santos takes drastic measures to..

S1E13 - One Last Lie

Unable to provide Donnie and Linklater to the FBI, Harlee makes a de..

S1E12 - For I Have Sinned

Harlee and Wozniak must face the consequences of the disappearance o..

S1E11 - The Breach

Just as the heist is about to go down, Harlee realizes she cannot tr..

S1E10 - What Devil Do

Harlee and Wozniak meet with Donnie's silent partner, who turns out ..

S1E9 - Live Wire Act

Details about Wozniak's secret relationship are revealed; Wozniak ta..

S1E8 - Good CopBad Cop

A recent event makes Harlee decide to assist with Stahl's investigat..

S1E7 - Undiscovered Country

Wozniak's struggles with guilt as he is faced with an unfinished tas..

S1E6 - Fall of Man

Harlee must persuade Stahl to arrest Saperstein in order to keep him..

S1E5 - Equal & Opposite

A local drug lord discovers Wozniak's secret and tries to use it as ..

S1E4 - Who Is It That Can..

The crew is forced to test Loman's loyalty when he struggles with gu..

S1E3 - False FaceFalse He..

Harlee refuses to relinquish evidence that incriminates Wozniak, but..

S1E2 - Original Sin

Wozniak sees informants everywhere, so Harlee suggests that he polyg..

S1E1 - Pilot

Harlee Santos is a detective at the heart of a tight-knit crew of Br..