Silicon Valley


In the high-tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success. A comedy partially inspired by Mike Judge's own experiences as a Silicon Valley engineer in the late 1980s.
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S5E8 -Fifty-One Percent

PiperNet launches, but an early success makes Monica suspicious; Ric..

S5E7 - Initial Coin Offer..

Richard gets unsettling news as the Pied Piper guys prepare to close..

S5E6 - Artificial Emotion..

Richard decides to help when Laurie gets in a jam, but his lack of e..

S5E5 - Facial Recognition

Overshadowed by Jared in an on-camera interview, Richard’s confide..

S5E3 - Chief Operating Of..

Encouraged by Jared to strike up a friendship with Dana, a like-mind..

S5E2 - Reorientation

Panicked by suddenly leading a much larger team, Richard finds himse..

S5E1 - Grow Fast or Die S..

Now that Pied Piper has ample funding and new offices, the pressure ..

S4E10 - Server Error

Richard finds himself in a web of lies; Jared plans his exit; Jack b..

S4E9 - Hooli-Con

The Pied Piper guys try to pull off a stealth plan at Hooli-Con.

S4E8 - The Keenan Vortex

Richard ponders a deal with the tech world's latest it boy; Jack fac..

S4E7 - The Patent Troll

Richard decides to stand up to a patent troll, but his defiance come..

S4E6 - Customer Service

On the hunt for financial support, Richard looks outside the tech bu..

S4E5 - The Blood Boy

Cracks in Richard's latest partnership become more apparent when he'..

S4E4 - Teambuilding Exerc..

When Richard reaches out to an unlikely ally, Jared worries about th..

S4E3 - Intellectual Prope..

An overtired Richard pushes himself to the brink of sanity while try..

S4E2 - Terms of Service

Richard butts heads with Dinesh, whose new position goes to his head..

S4E1 - Success Failure

In the wake of Pied Piper’s clickfarm scandal, the guys struggle t..

S3E10 - The Uptick

Pied Piper’s future is hazy, but Erlich’s industry profile begin..

S3E9 - Daily Active Users

Shocking stats are revealed and prompt Richard to bridge the gap bet..

S3E8 - Bachman's Earning'..

Erlich tries to be honest with Richard, who has mixed emotions about..

S3E7 - To Build a Better ..

A beta version of Pied Piper gets an unexpected reception as Dinesh'..

S3E6 - Bachmanity Insanity

Richard’s new relationship is threatened by neuroses. Big Head and..

S3E5 - The Empty Chair

Richard lets his ego get in the way at an interview. Dinesh, Gilfoyl..

S3E4 - Maleant Data Syste..

The Pied Piper guys struggle to phone it in. Erlich faces competitio..

S3E3 - Meinertzhagen's Ha..

Richard searches for a way around Jack; Gilfoyle opens himself up to..

S3E2 - Two in the Box

The new and improved Pied Piper impresses Dinesh and Gilfoyle, but w..

S3E1 - Founder Friendly

After being unceremoniously fired, an angry Richard faces a tough de..

S2E10 - Two Days of the C..

As the guys await the verdict on Pied Piper’s fate, an unexpected ..

S2E9 - Binding Arbitration

When Pied Piper and Hooli enter binding arbitration, Erlich demands ..

S2E8 - White Hat/Black Hat

When Richard takes pity on a competitor, he accidentally sparks a fe..

S2E7 - Adult Content

With the Pied Piper team fielding job offers and Russ distracted by ..

S2E6 - Homicide

When Monica encourages the guys to pounce on a livestream opportunit..

S2E5 - Server Space

Gavin’s interference causes Pied Piper to struggle with securing t..

S2E4 - The Lady

Richard butts heads with Erlich over a prospective hire, while Dines..

S2E3 - Bad Money

While considering Gavin's proposal, Richard is approached by a billi..

S2E2 - Runaway Devaluation

In the wake of Hooli’s bombshell, Richard and the guys struggle to..

S2E1 - Sand Hill Shuffle

Following their success at TechCrunch Disrupt, the guys of Pied Pipe..

S1E8 - Optimal Tip-to-Tip..

In the Season 1 finale, Pied Piper's guys are worried after Gavin Be..

S1E7 - Proof of Concept

Richard is distracted while trying to finish his demonstration; Dine..

S1E6 - Third Party Insour..

Richard feels threatened when the team hires a hacker; Jared seeks P..

S1E5 - Signaling Risk

Erlich convinces a graffiti artist to create Pied Piper's logo; Jare..

S1E4 - Fiduciary Duties

While at a party, Richard promises to make Erlich a board member; Bi..

S1E3 - Articles of Incorp..

Richard must negotiate when he discovers the name ``Pied Piper'' is ..

S1E2 - The Cap Table

Richard and Erlich discover that they must deliver a viable business..

S1E1 - Minimum Viable Pro..

Computer whizzes toil away at a tech company in California and hope ..

S1E00 - Minimum Viable Pr..

Computer whizzes toil away at a tech company in California and hope ..