Sketch (Korean Drama)


An action drama about people who struggle to change their fate, one of whom is an elite detective with great analyzing skills.

S1E15 - You Finally Met T..

Tae Wook tells Si Hyun that Si Joon had killed Jae Hyun. Although Si..

S1E11 - So Far This Is Th..

Si Joon reveals himself to Do Jin. Do Jin gets shocked as the unexpe..

S1E10 - An Exchange For L..

Prosecutor Yoo joins in the investigation and personally visits Kang..

S1E9 - Is There A Reason ..

Nabi Team members get shocked as they believed Tae Joon could forese..

S1E6 - Did You Kill Her F..

Dong Soo appears in time to save Si Hyun. Dong Soo chases after Il S..

S1E3 - We Must Stop Detec..

Dong Soo is determined to catch the guy who killed Ji Soo. Meanwhile..

S1E2 - I’ll Give You A ..

In order to prevent the future from being unfold according to the sk..

S1E1 - Can You Believe Me?

Kang Dong Soo, a detective, dreams of living a happy life with his f..