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S23E22 - Janet Tyburski

A doting grandmother alerts police when she recognizes her daughter'..

S23E21 - Marissa Wright

A concerned father in Arkansas reports his son missing, launching an..

S23E20 - Cindy Reese

A small town church is stunned when a parishioner is murdered, in a ..

S23E19 - Eileen Leone

When a charismatic father and adored member of the local youth sport..

S23E16 - Notorious: Charl..

Nurse Charles Cullen is one of America’s most prolific serial kill..

S23E15 - Martha Farmer

A parking lot shooting in the dead of night leaves detectives with a..

S23E14 - Eugenia Campbell

An Army vet survives two tours in Iraq, only to be gunned down in hi..

S23E13 - Amy Van Wagner

A quiet Wisconsin town is rocked by its first homicide in six years ..

S23E12 - Donna Thorngren

A mysterious shooting of a religious family man, leaves a community ..

S23E11 - Wanda Stanley

When a Brooklyn native is found shot to death in the backseat of his..

S23E10 - Margaret Litchfi..

When a popular construction man in a tight-knit Texas town is found ..

S23E9 - Notorious: Aileen..

An in depth look at the complexities of the case against the woman b..

S23E5 - Verginia Turner

A possible love triangle has deadly consequences for a prominent Cal..

S23E4 - Shelly Arndt

A deadly fire destroys a home and leaves one man dead, but investiga..

S23E3 - Kimberly Ross

A generous couple opens their home to help others, but a deadly home..

S23E2 - Sonia Mitchell

When a young father goes missing, authorities suspect his illegal ac..

S23E1 - Shajia Ayobi

Does a shocking carjacking have ties to international espionage? Or ..

S22E7 -Crystal Weimer

A young man is brutally murdered and a woman is found covered in blo..

S22E5 - Tameshia Shelton

A young hunter ends up dead while hunting his own predator. Was this..

S22E4 - Alaina Mercer

Devoted to raising her daughter's child, a loving grandmother is fou..

S22E3 - Keana Barnes

Two deceased men both helped out a damsel in distress. Did playing t..

S22E2 - Karen Sanchez

When a missing man’s body is found, his wife finds herself under a..

S22E1 - Emma Raine

The family of a former soldier questions whether or not his death wa..

S21E12 -Barbara Garcia

Trick-or-treaters in a small Indiana town have no idea that the swee..

S21E10 -Dawson McGhee

Police discover a beloved mother of four murdered. The panic intensi..

S20E5 - Lucille Duncan

When a body is discovered in the woods, authorities ask if he's the ..

S20E4 - Lucille Duncan

When a body is discovered in the woods, authorities ask if he's the ..

S20E3 - Shanda Crain

When a daughter discovers her parents' dead bodies within weeks of t..

S20E2 - Vegas Bray

An attractive woman witnesses her ex-boyfriend’s shooting, but can..

S20E1 - Notorious: Scott ..

With Peterson currently sitting behind bars on death row and having ..

S16E7 - Cheryl Kunkle

Cheryl Kunkle becomes the prime suspect in the November 2001 beating..

S16E6 - Kristi Fulgham

Kristi Fulgham and her teenage half-brother Tyler are accused in the..

S16E5 - Christine Billis

Christine Billis is responsible for crashing her car into a tree, ki..

S16E4 - Carmen Montelongo

Carmen Montelongo is charged with the murder and dismemberment of he..

S16E3 - Mary Jane Fonder

Mary Jane Fonder becomes a suspect in the January 2008 shooting deat..

S16E2 - Kimberly Cargill

Kimberly Cargill is accused of killing and burning her son's babysit..

S16E1 - Yalanda Lind

Yalanda Lind is accused of orchestrating the October 2008 home-invas..

S15E13 - Gabriela Escutia

Gabriela Escutia arranges the October 2007 execution-style killing o..

S15E12 - Judith Hawkey

Judith Hawkey is suspected of manipulating her 10-year-old stepson i..

S15E11 - Heather Horst

Heather Horst was a young military bride who solicited a friend to m..

S15E10 - Kathleen Dorsett

Kathleen Dorsett and her parents are responsible for the August 2010..

S15E8 - Pamela Ballin

Pamela Ballin claims that an unknown intruder was responsible for bl..

S15E7 - Angelina Rodriguez

Angelina Rodriguez is accused of poisoning her fourth husband Frank ..

S15E6 - Denise Bozarth

Denise Bozarth is accused of killing her husband in June 2007.

S15E5 - Ana Trujillo

Ana Trujillo is accused of stabbing her ex-boyfriend after a drunken..

S15E4 - Marissa DeVault

Marissa DeVault is accused of beating her husband Dale Harrell to in..

S15E3 - Social Media

Jennifer Harris, Heather Kane, and Kayla Henriques are all accused o..

S15E2 - Mindy Dodd

Mindy Dodd and her nephew are accused of plotting the shooting death..

S15E1 - Camia Gamet

Camia Gamet maintains the May 2013 killing of her boyfriend was in s..

S13E13 - Robyn Davis

Robyn Davis and her best friend Sissy Saltzman are suspected of murd..

S13E12 - Kirstin Lobato

Kirstin Lobato is charged with the July 2001 murder and mutilation o..

S13E11 - Colette Reyes

Colette Reyes pleads insanity after she is charged with the November..

S13E10 - Michele Williams

Michele Williams is suspected of shooting her husband Gregory to dea..

S13E9 - Rose Chase

Rose Chase is accused of killing her husband after a marital argumen..

S13E8 - Vonlee Nicole Tit..

After an alcoholic millionaire dies of seemingly natural causes, an ..

S13E7 - Chyann Bratcher

Chyann Bratcher, her mother, and brother are accused of plotting the..

S13E6 - Tina Lunney

Tina Lunney is a financial advisor who strangled her mother Marie Zo..

S13E5 - Tracy Lawson

Former Nurse Tracy Lawson is accused of murdering her husband in Jun..

S13E4 - Catherine Hamborsky

Catherine Hamborsky is a Pennsylvania woman who claimed self-defense..

S13E3 - Bernadette Perusq..

Bernadette Perusquia is a school nurse who is accused of shooting he..

S13E2 - Kimberly Parker

Kimberly Parker is charged with planning the July 2000 kidnapping an..

S13E1 - Lupita Acuna

Lupita Acuna is accused of arranging the death of her ex-boyfriend ..

S12E10 - Marjorie Orbin

Marjorie Orbin is a former Vegas showgirl who killed her husband in ..

S12E9 - Joann Helfrich

Joann Helfrich is accused of shooting her boyfriend in her apartment..

S12E8 - Joanna Findlay

Joanna Findlay is a college professor accused of shooting her husban..

S12E7 - Marjorie Armstrong

Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong is a woman planning the murder of her fathe..

S12E6 - Holly McFeeture

Holly McFeeture is an Ohio woman, who murdered her fiancee and stage..

S12E5 - Teresa Imel

Teresa Imel is accused of conspiring with her daughter to murder her..

S12E4 - Constance Clark

Constance Clark is an Alabama wife accused of orchestrating the Dece..

S12E3 - Alice Trappler

Alice Trappler is the mother of a young daughter who hatches a deadl..

S12E2 - Kalila Taylor

Kalila Taylor is a young mother who stabbed her best friend in Febru..

S12E1 - Rebecca Bryan

Rebecca Bryan is a real estate agent accused of shooting her husband..

S11E13 - Jackie Postma

Jackie Postma's affair leads to the murder of her husband in August ..

S11E12 - Karen Newell

Karen Newell is accused of seducing her teen lover into shooting and..

S11E11 - Dawn Silvernail

Dawn Silvernail shoots another woman to death outside her church in ..

S11E10 - Jodi AriasPart 2

The case of Jodi Arias, who was charged in the 2008 murder of her fo..

S11E9 - Jodi AriasPart 1

The case of Jodi Arias, who was charged in the 2008 murder of her fo..

S11E8 - Lateisha Jandreau

Latiesha Jandreau is accused of shooting her husband Paul to death i..

S11E7 - Laurie Jean Cone

Laurie Jean Cone is suspected of masterminding the April 2012 beatin..

S11E6 - Katey Passaniti

Katey Passaniti is a Louisiana woman accused of the July 2010 murder..

S11E5 - Melissa Cole

Melissa Cole is accused of shooting and burning her husband Gary to ..

S11E4 - Dee Dee Moore

Dee Dee Moore is a manipulative woman who is accused of stealing a l..

S11E2 - Ruby Ann Ruffolo

A discovery in the woods leads police to a troubled marriage, a drug..

S11E1 - Amanda Kaur

A young widow blames depression for her husband's death.

S9E32 - Tonya Ford

Tonya Ford was a Kentucky police officer's wife who was charged with..

S9E31 - Mia Gonzales

Mia Gonzales shoots her husband Abel, a California parole agent, dur..

S9E30 - Mary Beth Harshba..

Mary Beth Harshbarger shoots her husband Mark to death in September ..

S9E29 - Shanterrica Madden

Shanterrica Madden is a popular college basketball player whose clas..

Sheila Devalloo (Supersiz..

It started out as fun and games when Sheila Davalloo and her husband..

S9E27 - Jennifer Womac

Jennifer Womac orchestrates the September 2009 murder of her own fat..

S9E26 - Sandra Jesse

Sandra Jessee is accused of hiring hitmen to kill her ill husband Ja..

S9E24 - Velma Ogden-White..

Velma Ogden Whitehead, her 16-year-old son, and his friend are respo..

S9E23 - Kara Lounsbury

Kara Lounsbury is suspected of the January 2009 shooting deaths of h..

S9E22 - Brittany Norwood

Brittany Norwood is accused of the savage March 2011 murder of her c..

S9E21 - Rachel Wade

Rachel Wade was caught in a love triangle with Josh Camacho and Sara..

S9E20 - Stephanie Lazarus

Stephanie Lazarus was a Los Angeles police detective who committed t..

S9E19 - Taylor Marks

Taylor Marks was a young Ohio woman who solicited her boyfriend in t..

S9E18 - Jessica Hill

Jessica Hill's husband's May 2007 death was initially believed to be..

S9E17 - Nicole Abusharif

Nicole Abusharif is accused of suffocating her lesbian lover, Becky ..

S9E16 - Rennie Pratt

Rennie Pratt, an Oakland, California hairdresser, claims the April 2..

S9E15 - Nanette Johnston

Nanette Johnston is accused of enlisting her NFL boyfriend into comm..

S9E14 - Shannon Baugus

Shannon Baugus is suspected of shooting her husband during an argum..

S9E12 - Marni Yang

Marni Yang, a real estate agent, was a jealous lover who got her rev..

S9E11 - Raynella Leath

Raynella Leath's two husbands mysteriously turn up dead in August 19..

S9E10 - Tracey Richter

Tracey Richter staged a fake home invasion in December 2001, in whic..

S9E9 - Tyonne Palmer

Tyonne Palmer became involved in an affair with her pastor and his s..

S9E7 - Regina Williams

Regina Williams struck down her boyfriend with her SUV in a drunken ..

S9E6 - Jennifer Bowen

Jennifer Bowen did not want her ex-husband, John David Blattner, to ..

S9E5 - Clara Schwartz

Clara Schwartz was a young Virginia woman whose obsession with fanta..

S9E3 - Ellen Snyder

Ellen Snyder was a New Mexico mother who shot her husband Mike Snyde..

S9E2 - Joanna Hayes

Joanna Hayes was an overzealous grandmother who turned to murdering ..

S9E1 - Sarah Jo Pender

Sarah Jo Pender and her boyfriend Richard Hull became accused of mur..

S6E27 - Leslie MacKool

Leslie MacKool is accused of stabbing her mother Janie Ballard 74 ti..

S6E26 - Jeanette Sliwinski

Jeanette Sliwinski's modeling career was failing, and in a suicide ..

S6E25 - Shawna Nelson

Shawna Nelson was convicted in January 2007 for the shooting death o..

S6E24 - Tracey Frame

Tracey Frame is a mother who is hailed as a hero when she kills a ho..

S6E23 - Linda Fields

Linda Fields is accused of taking a life insurance policy out on her..

S6E22 - Elicia Hughes

Elicia Hughes is suspected of shooting her husband, Brian, in their ..

S6E21 - Ann Miller Kontz

Ann Miller Kontz, a chemist, uses arsenic to get out of her marriage..

S6E17 - Monique Berkley

Monique Berkley, her young lover, and her stepdaughter's boyfriend a..

S6E14 - Michelle Michael

Nurse, Michelle Michael, becomes bored with her life and sets fire t..

S6E11 - Erika Sifrit

Erika Sifrit, a scrapbooker; and her husband are charged with murde..

S6E10 - Lisa Whedbee

Lisa Whedbee and her lover are accused of conspiring to murder her h..

S6E9 - Cynthia George

One-time beauty queen and Akron socialite Cynthia George is found by..

S6E6 - Julie Lynn Turner

Lynn Turner used antifreeze to poison the two men in her life, her p..

S6E4 - Sarah Brady

Sarah Brady, an expectant mother, stabs another pregnant woman to de..

S6E3 - Adrienne Hickson

The pretty and ambitious 24-year-old law student, Adrienne Hickson, ..

S6E2 - Jessica McCord

Jessica McCord spent seven years embattled with her ex-husband over ..

S6E1 - Mary Winkler

Mary Winkler was desperate to find her way out of a financial crisis..

S5E12 - Melanie McGuire

Melanie McGuire drugs and shoots her husband in April 2004, then dis..

S5E11 - Daphne Wright

Daphne Wright kills her ex-girlfriend's friend in February 2006 and ..

S5E10 - Brookey Lee West

Brookey Lee West ended years of mother-daughter conflict when she pu..

S5E9 - Mary Krueger

Mary Krueger caught her husband with a prostitute in the kitchen of ..

S5E8 - Vicki Monroe

Life was good for Kentucky bar owners Vicki and Gerald Monroe. But, ..

S5E6 - Susan Polk

A summation of the case of Susan Polk, who was convicted of second-d..

S5E5 - Jane Dorotik

Jane Dorotik, a successful healthcare executive, murders her estrang..

S5E4 - Margaret Rudin

In 1987, four-time divorcee Margaret Frost married Las Vegas real-es..

S5E2 - Amy Bosley

Amy Bosley knew she was in trouble when she didn't pay taxes for the..

S5E1 - Martha Freeman

Martha Freeman made a bold choice when she let her lover move into t..

S4E13 - Joan Shannon

A profile of , who was found guilty of plotting her Army husband's 2..

S4E12 - Sarah Johnson

The case of , who was convicted of first-degree murder for the Sept...

S4E11 - Melinda Raisch

A profile of , who was convicted of first-degree murder and conspira..

S4E10 - Mary Ellen Samuels

A profile of , who was sentenced to death for orchestrating the murd..

S4E9 - Piper Rountree

The story of , who is serving a life sentence for the 2004 shooting ..

S4E8 - Nikki Redmond

A look at the case of , a former Miss Savannah who was acquitted of ..

S4E7 - Phyllis Nelson

Examining the case of , who was charged with first-degree murder aft..

S4E6 - Sheila Davalloo

The case of , convicted of attempting to murder her husband, whom sh..

S4E5 - Dixie Shanahan

A profile of , who was sentenced in May 2004 to 50 years in prison f..

S4E4 - Donna Fryman

A profile of , who was acquitted of murdering her ex-husband, Melvin..

S4E3 - Erin Dukes

A profile of , who claimed she was acting in self-defense when in 19..

S4E2 - Carol Carr

A look at the case of , who pleaded guilty to assisting the suicides..

S4E1 - Sandy Murphy

A profile of , who was acquitted in November 2004 in the murder of L..

S2E13 - Brenda Andrew

Advertising executive Rob Andrew is gunned down in the driveway, and..

S2E12 - Pam Smart

The case of , who was a 22-year-old teacher in New Hampshire when sh..

S2E11 - Della Faye Sutorius

Was Della Faye Hall Hoeffer Beyer Bassett Britteon Sutorius a 'Black..

S2E10 - Dionne Baugh

The case of a wealthy Georgia businessman murdered by his lover in 1..

S2E9 - Linda Jones

Rita Gluzman accuses three men of beating her husband to death.

S2E8 - Amy DeChant

Recounting the 1996 murder of Las Vegas bookmaker Bruce Weinstein by..

S2E7 - Stephanie Stephens

wakes up next to her dead husband's body.

S2E6 - Donna Sommerville

When DuPont heir Hamilton Somerville dies, his wife is suspected of ..

S2E5 - Teri Gilbert

Albuquerque county commissioner Gene Gilbert is shot in his basement..

S2E4 - Elisa McNabney

When successful attorney Larry McNabney's body is discovered in a Sa..

S2E3 - Sharee Miller

Investigation leads officials to an internet chatroom after Bruce Mi..

S2E2 - Elisa McNabney

When successful attorney Larry McNabney's body is discovered in a Sa..

S1E13 - Christine Paolilla

The murders of two teen girls are investigated.

S1E12 - Debra Baker

is a cold blooded murderer. Everyone knows she murdered Jerry Stern..

S1E11 - Kristin Rossum

A scientist is accused of murdering her husband.

S1E10 - Diane Zamora

After her boyfriend cheats on her, one woman is determined to kill t..

S1E9 - Susan Wright

An average American wife ties her husband to there bed and stabs him..

S1E8 - Joyce Cohen

Multi-millionaire's wife is accused of hiring three thugs to kill he..

S1E7 - Ruth Ann Aron

When a multimillionaire real estate developer loses her bid for the ..

S1E6 - Lee Ann Reidel

A suburban woman gets her bodybuilder lover to kill her husband.

S1E5 - Kimberly Hricko

A nice romantic weekend turns sour when a woman woman poisons her h..

S1E4 - Elena Kiejliches

The wife of a wealthy Russian émigré is accused of sho..

S1E3 - Clara Harris

A woman runs over her husband with her car because of infidelity.

S1E2 - Virginia Larzelere

A doctors wife convinces her son to kill her husband for insurance m..

S1E1 - Celeste Beard John..

A lesbian lover is convinced to kill her lovers multi-millionaire hu..