Steven Universe


This series is set in the fictional Beach City, where ageless alien warriors, the Crystal Gems, live in an ancient beachside temple, protecting the world from evil. They project female humanoid forms from magical gemstones that are the core of their being. The Crystal Gems are Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven, a young half-human, half-Gem boy who inherited his gemstone from his mother, the Gems' former leader Rose Quartz. As Steven tries to figure out his powers, he spends his days with his human father Greg, his friend Connie, other people in Beach City, or the other Gems, whether to help them save the world or just to hang out. He explores the abilities passed down to him by his mother, which include fusion (the ability of Gems to merge their identities and bodies to form a new and more powerful personality).
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S5E22 - Made of Honor

Steven has a big surprise for the Crystal Gems.

S5E21 - The Question

Ruby goes on an adventure.

S5E20 -What's Your Problem?

Amethyst convinces Steven to take a day off for himself.

S5E19 -Now We're Only Fal..

Pearl tells a story.

S5E18 - A Single Pale Rose

Steven confronts Pearl about the shattering of Pink Diamond, but ins..

S5E17 - Can't Go Back

After Ronaldo sees the barn on the moon, Steven goes up there and fi..

S5E16 - Letters to Lars

Lars receives a letter from Steven updating him about the current go..

S5E15 - Pool Hopping

Steven and Garnet explore the most unlikely timelines in Beach City...

S5E14 -The Big Show

Steven shoots a documentary that follows a local band as they get th..

S5E13 -Your Mother and Mine

Steven takes Garnet to meet his new friends.

This episo..

S5E12 -Jungle Moon

Stevonnie finds themself alone on an adventure.

S5E11 -Lars of the Stars

Lars rises to the occasion.

S5E10 -Kevin Party

Kevin is throwing a party, and Steven is invited. [First Aired on CN..

S5E9 -Sadie Killer

Steven and the Cool Kids start a band, but they have trouble finding..

S5E8 -Back to the Kinderg..

Steven, Amethyst and Peridot try to spruce up the Kindergarten. [Fir..

S5E7 - Gemcation

Greg and the Gems take Steven on vacation to help him relax. [First ..

S5E6 -Raising the Barn

Pumpkin goes missing. [First Aired on CN APP]

S5E5 - Dewey Wins

Steven helps Mayor Dewey run a difficult campaign.

S5E1 - Stuck Together

Steven and Lars spend some time together.

S4E24 - I Am My Mom

Steven struggles to fix his mistakes.

S4E23 - Are You My Dad?

People are disappearing from Beach City and Steven tries to solve th..

S4E22 - The Good Lars

Steven, Lars and Sadie get invited to a party with the Cool Kids.

S4E21 - Doug Out

Steven and Connie join Connie's father on a stake out.

S4E20 - Lion 4: Alternate..

When Lion coughs up a magical key, Steven goes on a quest to discove..

S4E19 - Room for Ruby

Steven’s Gem family continues to grow.

S4E18 - Tiger Philanthrop..

Steven tries pro wrestling.

S4E17 - Rocknaldo

Ronaldo sets out to find all the rock people living in Beach City!

S4E16 - Storm in the Room

Steven goes into his room in the temple to look for answers.

S4E15 - The New Crystal..

Connie helps look after Beach City while Steven is busy.

S4E14 - That Will Be All

Steven and the Gems make a daring escape!

S4E13 - The Zoo

Steven visits a special zoo.

S4E12 - Gem Heist

The Gems try to pull off a heist.

S4E11 - Adventures in Lig..

Steven and the Gems take off on a search and recovery mission.

S4E10 - Steven's Dream

A strange dream prompts Steven to search for answers.

S4E9 - Three Gems and a B..

Greg tells Steven about their first winter together.

S4E8 - Gem Harvest

Steven’s autumn visit to the barn brings a new stranger into his l..

S4E5 - Future Bot Zoltron

Steven tells people's fortunes at Funland.

S4E4 - Mindful Education

Steven and Connie learn to focus better.

S4E3 - Buddy's Book

Steven visits the library with Connie and uncovers a long lost book.

S4E2 - Know Your Fusion

Steven and the Gems study what makes a fusion so special.

S4E1 - The Kindergarten Kid

Steven and Peridot attempt to catch an elusive speedy corrupted Gem ..

S3E25 - Bubbled (4)

After being sucked out of the Moon Base's airlock, Steven and the Ru..

S3E24 - Bubbled

After being sucked out of the Moon Base's airlock, Steven and the Ru..

S3E23 - Back to the Moon

The dispatch team of Rubies return to the barn still searching for J..

S3E22 - Earthlings

Steven, Amethyst and Peridot encounter Jasper at the Beta Kindergart..

S3E21 - Bismuth (2)

An item from the Gems' past is discovered inside of Lion's mane.

S3E20 - Bismuth (1)

An item from the Gems' past is discovered inside of Lion's mane.

S3E19 - Steven vs. Amethyst

Steven and Amethyst compete against each other while training with P..

S3E18 - Crack the Whip

Amethyst is left to look after Steven and Connie while the other Gem..

S3E17 - Gem Hunt

Steven, Connie and Pearl go on their first mission together.

S3E16 - Greg the Babysitter

Greg tells Steven another story.

S3E15 - Alone at Sea

Steven and Greg take Lapis Lazuli on a boating trip.

S3E14 - Monster Reunion

An old friend returns.

S3E13 - Kiki’s Pizza De..

Kiki has nightmares and Steven intervenes.

S3E12 - Restaurant Wars

Steven settles a rivalry between restaurant owners.

S3E11 - Beach City Drift

Steven and Connie face their biggest foe in a car race.

S3E8 - Mr. Greg

Steven visits Empire City with Greg and Pearl.

S3E7 - Drop Beat Dad

Steven helps Sour Cream put on a show, even though Sour Cream's step..

S3E6 - Steven Floats

Steven discovers that he has the power to float. However, he becomes..

S3E4 - Same Old World

Join Steven in Beach City for adventures with him and his fri..

S3E3 - Same Old World

Lapis wakes up, but doesn't know where to go.

S3E2 - Gem Drill

Steven travels deep underground to stop the Cluster.

S3E1&2 - Super Watermelon..

Steven discovers what happened to his sentient watermelons.

S2E29 - Log Date 7 15 2

Steven sneaks a listen to a friend's audio diary.

S2E28 - Message Recieved

Steven has doubts believing in everyone.

S2E27 - It Could've Been..

The Gems take a trip to the moon.

S2E26 - Steven's Birthday

Steven has a birthday party out at the barn, and decides he has some..

S2E25 - The Answer

Garnet finally tells Steven the story of how she came to be a Crysta..

S2E24 - Too Far

Steven and Amethyst get involved with Gem gossip.

S2E23 - Back to the Barn

Steven and The Gems build robots in a barn.

S2E22 - When It Rains

A friend of Steven's is afraid of thunderstorms and he tries to help..


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S2E16 - Historical Friction

An ancient spaceship is explored by the Gems; Steven joins a theatre..

S2E15 - Onion Friend

Steven and Amethyst visit the strange world of Onion's house.

S2E14 - Cry For Help

A magical disturbance causes an interruption to Steven’s favorite ..

S2E11 - Keeping It Together

Greg tells Steven and Connie the story of how he learned about Gem f..

S2E10 - Rising Tides / Cr..

Steven and the Gems find a dark secret when they revisit the Kinderg..

S2E9 - Sworn to the Sword

Connie trains to be a swordfighter.

S2E8 - Reformed

Steven, Garnet, and Amethyst chase after a monster loose in the Temp..

S2E7 - Love Letters

Steven and Connie help Jamie the Mailman.

S2E6 - Shirt Club

Steven and Buck Dewey make T-shirts.

S2E5 - Story for Steven

Greg tells Steven the story of when he first met Rose Quartz.

S2E4 - Say Uncle

Uncle Grandpa comes to town to aid Steven in unlocking the power of ..

S2E3 - Joy Ride

Buck, Jenny, and Sour Cream take Steven out on a late-night joyride ..

S2E2 - Open Book

Steven and Connie go into Rose's room to recreate a book series endi..

S2E1 - Full Disclosure

Steven tries to avoid Connie to avoid telling her about his ordeal w..

S1E49 - Jail Break

Steven teams up with a new ally to rescue the Crystal Gems.

S1E48 - The Return

A new threat arrives in Beach City.

S1E47 - Political Power

The Crystal Gems cause a power outage in Beach City, so Steven helps..

S1E46 - The Message

Steven and the Gems try to retrieve a message from the Wailing Stone.

S1E45 - Rose's Scabbard

Steven joins Pearl on a Special Mission to a place that belonged to ..

S1E44 - Marble Madness

Steven and the Crystal Gems encounter another droid from space.

S1E43 - Maximum Capacity

A garage sale reunites Greg and Amethyst with their favorite sitcom,..

S1E42 - Winter Forecast

Steven has to take Connie back to her home before it snows.

S1E41 - Horror Club

Steven goes to the lighthouse to watch scary movies with Ronaldo, La..

S1E40 - On the Run

Steven and Amethyst try out life out on the road.

S1E39 - Future Vision

Steven learns that Garnet can see into the future and becomes curiou..

S1E38 - The Test

Steven finds out that his mission to the Lunar Sea Spire was a test ..

S1E37 - Alone Together

The Gems try to teach Steven how to use his fusion powers.

S1E36 - Warp Tour

Steven thinks he sees something creepy traversing the warp streams, ..

S1E35 - Lion 3: Straight ..

Lion keeps laying on Steven's face while Steven is sleeping.

S1E34 - Watermelon Steven

Steven discovers the power to grow a patch of watermelons shaped lik..

S1E33 - Garnet's Universe

Steven wonders what Garnet does with her day.

S1E32 - Fusion Cuisine

To impress Connie's parents, Steven asks the Gems to fuse together t..

S1E31 - Keep Beach City W..

Steven is taken in by Ronaldo's conspiracy theories about paranormal..

S1E30 - Island Adventure

Steven tries to mend Lars and Sadie's broken friendship by taking th..

S1E29 - Secret Team

After accidentally popping a bubbled Gem, Steven, Amethyst, and Pear..

S1E28 - Space Race

After hearing how much Pearl wants to see the cosmos, Steven gets hi..

S1E27 - House Guest

After injuring his leg, Greg comes to live with Steven and unintenti..

S1E26 - Ocean Gem

The ocean disappears on the first day of summer and Beach City is in..

S1E25 - Mirror Gem

Steven befriends a magical mirror that can mysteriously communicate ..

S1E24 - An Indirect Kiss

Steven Tells Connie the story of his mission with the Gems to heal A..

S1E23 - Monster Buddies

Steven accidentally releases a monster from a gem bubble and attempt..

S1E22 - Steven and the St..

Steven needs a musical partner for an upcoming show, and uses a time..

S1E21 - Joking Victim

When Lars pawns off all his work on Sadie, Steven helps out by worki..

S1E20 - Coach Steven

After seeing Garnet and Amethyst fuse together into the powerful Sug..

S1E19 - Rose's Room

Steven's desire for some alone time unlocks a new room in the Temple..

S1E18 - Beach Party

After a battle damages Fish Stew Pizza, Steven throws a cookout at t..

S1E17 - Lion 2: The Movie

Steven and Connie try to ride Lion to a movie theatre, but Lion has ..

S1E16 - Steven the Sword ..

Pearl tries to teach Steven the art of sword-fighting using a hologr..

S1E15 - Onion Trade

Something about onions and trading I gather.

S1E14 - Lars and the Cool..

Steven and Lars get to hang out with the cool kids in town, but thei..

S1E13 - So Many Birthdays

Steven learns that the Gems are thousands of years old and decides t..

S1E12 - Giant Woman

During a mission to the Sky Spire, Steven tries to convince Amethyst..

S1E11 - Arcade Mania

Steven takes the Crystal Gems to Funland Arcade where Garnet learns ..

S1E10 - Steven's Lion

Steven befriends a magical lion.

S1E9 - Tiger Millionaire

Steven joins Amethyst in an underground wrestling league.

S1E8 - Serious Steven

While navigating out of an ancient maze, Steven tries to prove himse..

S1E7 - Bubble Buddies

Steven creates a Magic Crystal Bubble to protect a girl he likes.

S1E6 - Cat Fingers

Steven attempts to master the power of shape shifting, but can only ..


No description

S1E4 - Together Breakfast

Steven’s attempt to get the Crystal Gems to share his special brea..

S1E3 - Cheeseburger Backp..

Steven packs his Cheeseburger Backpack with supplies for a mission t..

S1E2 - Laser Light Cannon

When a menacing red eye threatens to destroy Beach City, the only th..

S1E1 - Gem Glow

Steven becomes depressed when his favorite brand of ice-cream sandwi..