Stuck in the Middle


Stuck In the Middle centers on 12-year-old Harley, the ultimate middle child who lives life in the eye of the tornado that is her family. But Harley has big-family life figured out - that is, until the day she needs everyone to be in one place, on time, for her event. It's chaos times seven, but Harley realizes guts, ingenuity and a seat near the mashed potatoes make living large a whole lot of fun.
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S3E18 - Stuck in Dad's Bi..

Harley discovers that the confusing circumstances surrounding the ti..

S3E17 - Stuck in Diaz Court

When the family car rolls into the garage and causes severe damage, ..

S3E16 - Stuck Without the..

After scheming and plotting to uncover the perfect gift for a certai..

S3E15 -Stuck Wrestling Fe..

As the Diazes visit Boston, Harley and the twins go to a wrestling e..

S3E14 -Stuck with No Escape

Harley build an escape room in an effort to bond with her siblings.

S3E13 - Stuck in the Dark

Harley learns that her opportunity to meet one of her scientific her..

S3E12 - Stuck with a Non-..

Harley goes all out to convince popular neighborhood blogger, Shane ..

S3E11 -Stuck with a New S..

When Georgie fails to make the basketball team this year, Harley hel..

S3E10 - Stuck in Spring B..

Spring vacation, here the Diazes come! The Diaz's must deliver a lux..

S3E9 - Stuck in a Besties..

Under Abuela's watch for the weekend, the Diaz kids are committed to..

S3E8 -Stuck in a Mysterio..

When the Bait N' Bite is robbed, the Diaz kids use their resources t..

S3E7 -Stuck with Horrible..

Harley's latest invention causes havoc in science class.

S3E4 - Stuck in Camp Chaos

As Harley tries to raise money, by running a day camp for the neighb..

S3E3 -Stuck with a Diaz D..

As the Diazes cope with their new family dynamics, Ethan reluctantly..

S3E1 - Stuck at Christmas..

Harley rallies her siblings and parents to take a trip to Florida to..

S2E9 - Stuck with a Boy G..

Harley, Rachel, Georgie and Ethan attend their school spring formal ..

S2E8 - Stuck Without Devi..

The kids must entertain themselves for an entire weekend without usi..

S2E7 - Stuck in the Beast..

fter discovering a shocking truth about Beast's birthday, Harley thr..

S2E4 - Stuck in a Slushy ..

Harley’s Slushy Shack faces new competition which escalates into a..

S2E3 - Stuck in the Schoo..

It's school picture day and in true Diaz fashion, things go awry for..

S2E2 - Stuck in a Commerc..

Harley and Ethan partner up to make a TV commercial for their dad's ..


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S1E11 - Stuck with a Winner

With basketball season over, Harley helps Georgie secure a spot on t..


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S1E9 - Stuck with Mom's N..

When Dad goes out of town, Harley must find her mom a new friend aft..

S1E8 - Stuck in Harley's ..

Harley decides to host an outside slumber party to watch a passing c..

S1E7 - Stuck in the Mothe..

Harley decides to go solo on a Mother's Day gift, rather than includ..

S1E4 - Stuck at the Movies

When Harley procrastinates on finishing her Science project, it inad..

S1E3 - Stuck with a Guy o..

To raise money to replace her family's broken tablet, Harley decides..


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S1E1 - Stuck in the Middle

Harley, an engineering whiz, uses her inventions to navigate life as..