Suits 2018


Choi Kang Suk is a legendary lawyer at the top law firm in South Korea. He has charisma and an attractive appearance. He hires Go Yeon Woo as a rookie lawyer for the law firm. Go Yeon Woo has excellent memory.
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S1E16 - Your Destination

Yeon Woo’s biggest secret gets revealed, and the entire firm gets ..

S1E14 - The Best Way to K..

In return for turning a blind eye on Da Ham’s mistake, David asks ..

S1E13 - Wings of Lies

The family of a victim who died from a car accident files a damage c..

S1E12 - Betrayal

Ha Yeon and Kang Seok feel threatened by Gi Taek’s return, knowing..

S1E11 - Swallowing a Demon

Afraid that Gi Taek might return to the firm, Kang Seok and Ha Yeon ..

S1E10 - Risks

Kang Seok is having difficulties with the retrial, and worrying abou..

S1E9 - Setting Things Right

Kang Seok decides to set things right after finding out how an innoc..

S1E8 - Definition of Just..

Kang Seok, unwilling to testify against his former mentor, faces the..

S1E7 - I’m Bothered by ..

Yeon Woo decides to make up for losing the mock trial and tells Kang..

S1E6 - The Mock Trial

The mock trial begins, and Yeon Woo manages to buy some time by havi..

S1E4 - The Truth Doesn’..

Yeon Woo meets Ms. Bae of Soonhan Corporation. He ends up talking to..

S1E3 - Dark Side of the M..

Yeon Woo’s first case gets closed with the help of Kang Seok. When..

S1E2 - Throw the Die

In exchange to getting his promotion back, Kang Seok promises three ..

S1E1 - With Choices Come ..

Yeon Woo has a fascinating brain that allows him to memorize everyth..