Switch: Change the World


A man is a swindler. He is smart enough to take the bar exam, but he could not become a prosecutor. Disregarding favoritism and biases by prosecutors, the man makes criminals pay for crimes that prosecutors did not.

S1E32 - Now It’s Your T..

Recovered from the surgery, Joon Soo comes back to the prosecutions ..

S1E31 - Change the World

Do Chan and Ha Ra raid Tae Woong’s truck on the road, but find cab..

S1E30 - Unexpected Reveal

Do Chan is taken aback after Ha Ra tells him that he is quite a good..

S1E29 - Didn’t He?

It turns out that Joon Soo was the one who went missing, not Do Chan..

S1E28 - Catch Him

Joon Soo helps Do Chan to escape from prison. Tae Woong orders Hyun ..

S1E27 - What Is the Plan?

Do Chan gets arrested for attempted murder of Tae Woong. Meanwhile, ..

S1E24 - Don’t Live Like..

Things are going according to their plan, but Ha Ra feels like somet..

S1E23 - Don’t Set a Tra..

Suspicious of Do Chan's real identity, Tae Woong cross-checks the vo..

S1E22 - The Bait

Do Chan figures out that the Turkmenistan natural gas business is a ..

S1E21 - Let’s Switch On..

Joon Soo isn't well due to the damage to his heart caused by the car..

S1E20 - The Demon Is in t..

On account of the smuggled sculptures, Do Young gets summoned to the..

S1E19 - Secrets Blend in ..

With the help from Joon Soo, Tae Woong is trying to make Do Young en..

S1E18 - The Faberge Egg

Ha Ra meets Do Chan in secret and tells him to investigate Feel Gall..

S1E17 - Are You Sure You ..

Joon Soo becomes furious about the fact that Do Chan has impersonate..

S1E16 - I Will Make You R..

Tae Woong takes over Namsan Club, pushing Jung Pil out of the pictur..

S1E15 - Betrayal Eats Up ..

Do Chan tells Sung Doo about his real identity and makes him betray ..

S1E14 - One Step at a Time

Ha Ra learns about the presence of Sa Ma Chun. She connects the dots..

S1E13 - Ready or NotHere ..

After questioning Bum Do, Do Chan realizes that he is not the person..

S1E10 - An Illusion

District Prosecutor Jung Do Young joins the Namsan Club and becomes ..

S1E9 - Moving Target

The diplomat that was caught while smuggling in drugs is brought in ..

S1E8 - Hand In Hand

Joon Soo accepts Ha Ra’s proposal and agrees to work with Do Chan ..

S1E7 - You Can't Shake Ha..

To everyone’s surprise, Dae Ro brings Joon Soo’s high school cla..

S1E6 - The Real Baek Joon..

Do Chan and the gang pulls a job on one of Grizzly's drug mules. Tae..

S1E5 - The Person Who Can..

Do Chan learns that the drug lord Joon Soo had been investigating on..

S1E4 - The Grizzly

Jin Gyung Hee, the senior prosecutor at Do Chan’s new office in Se..

S1E3 - Secretly And Dange..

Do Chan and his team scam the prosecutors and try to run away to the..