Taken (2017)


As former CIA agent Bryan Mills deals with a personal tragedy that shakes his world, he fights to overcome the incident and exact revenge.
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S2E16 - Viceroy

With Hart in grave danger, the team must find their own way to stop ..

S2E15 - Render

The daughter of a government official working overseas is taken, and..

S2E14 - Carapace

Bryan must protect his cousin when he's targeted by a powerful crime..

S2E13 - ACGT

When a CIA analyst's son is kidnapped, the team gets help from an un..

S2E12 -Imperium

When a dangerous weapons dealer smuggles his wares into New York Cit..

S2E11 - Password

When a bomb goes off in Washington D.C., the team suspects an innoce..

S2E10 -All About Eve

Bryan must stop an act of biological terrorism when invasive species..

S2E9 - Truth Hurts (Verum..

Hart must find a way to stop an exiled former journalist from leakin..

S2E8 -Switchman (Streloch..

Hart takes a solo mission to track down the mentor who betrayed her,..

S2E7 - Invitation Only

Bryan and Santana must extract a nuclear physicist long thought dead..

S2E6 - Charm School

When the wife of a war hero senator is taken, Bryan and the team mus..

S2E5 -Absalom

Santana must face her past when a foreign diplomat linked to a sex t..

S2E4 -Operations Security..

When the President's emergency football is stolen, Bryan and the tea..

S2E3 -Hammurabi

A laid-off worker kidnaps a high-powered accountant in revenge for h..

S2E1 - SurvivalEvasionRes..

Bryan Mills fights for his life inside a secret Mexican prison and p..

S1E10 - I Surrender

In the season finale, the FBI threatens to remove Christina from com..

S1E9 - Gone

ODNI is forced to deliver a hostage to the FBI, but plans to hijack ..

S1E5 - A Clockwork Swiss

Christina orders the retrieval of sensitive documents in Zurich need..

S1E3 - Off Side

Bryan and team search for a suspected terrorist who has been taken, ..

S1E2 - Ready

Bryan gets his first chance in the field but the mission goes bust, ..


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