Teen Mom 2


A spin-off of the MTV documentary series '16 and Pregnant'. The show follows the stories of four girls from the second season of '16 and Pregnant' and documents the challenges of their first years of motherhood. Each episode interweaves stories of four teenage girls who are navigating the bumpy terrain of adolescence, growing pains, and coming of age - all while facing the responsibility of being a young mother. Each story offers a unique look into the wide variety of challenges young mothers can face: marriage, relationships, family support, or lack thereof, adoption, finances, rumors among the community, graduating high school, starting college, getting (or losing) a job and the daunting and exciting step of moving out of the nest to create their own families.
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S9E10 -Forgot About Dre

Briana asks an ex to take care of her after her plastic surgery but ..

S8E101 - Special-Most Mem..

Special-Most Memorable Breakdowns

S8E28 -Forgot About Dre

Briana asks an ex to take care of her after her plastic surgery but ..

S8E18 - The Ties That Bind

Jenelle walks down the aisle and Chelsea celebrates her marriage. Le..

S8E17 - In Sod We Trust

Tensions build as Jenelle prepares for her wedding day. Kailyn faces..

S8E16 - Emotional Rollerc..

Kailyn's St. Thomas vacation takes a dramatic turn. Shocking news is..

S8E15 - Love YouMean It

Briana rushes Stella to the hospital. An unexpected court date threa..

S8E14 - Ohthe Places You'..

Kailyn graduates from college. Stella’s happy homecoming goes down..

S8E13 - Winter in Summer

Luis asks Briana a shocking question before she goes into labor. Bar..

S8E12 - Somewhere Else

Leah pushes Jeremy to spend more time with Addie. After seeing what ..

S8E11 - Swiping and Griping

Jenelle and Barb come to an agreement for custody of Jace. Briana is..

S8E10 - Welcome to a Puer..

Briana’s baby shower goes downhill when Luis shows up. Jenelle fin..

S8E9 - Playing Family Pic..

Jenelle has a tumultuous Mother's Day when she's barred from seeing ..

S8E8 - On the Hunt

After Barb refuses to let Jace come over, Jenelle tracks her down. B..

S8E7 - Motherducker

Kailyn is furious when her pregnancy is leaked. Briana's mom confron..

S8E6 - Unfinished Sentences

Leah faces a difficult decision about college. Jenelle and David hit..

S8E5 - Lips Don't Lie

Leah investigates a business opportunity but Ali struggles with her ..

S8E4 - Surprise!

Jeremy shocks Leah with some unexpected news. Javi gets intel on Kai..

S8E3 - Low Key

Kailyn finally discusses the big news she's been hiding. Briana star..

S8E2 - Down That Route

Briana is faced with a heart-wrenching decision. Kailyn’s friend r..

S8E1 - And Then There Wer..

As the eighth season opens, Teen Mom 2’s newest mom, Briana, reuni..

S7E103 - Special: All the..

All The Reasons We Love Teen Mom 2 is an exciting, fun look back at ..

S7E102 - Special: Ask the..

Teen Mom 2 fans finally get a chance to ask Chelseas, Kailyn, Jenell..

S7E101 - Check Up with Dr..

Hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky, the girls and their families come togethe..

S7E100 - Check Up with Dr..

Hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky, the girls and their families come togethe..

S7E25 - Behind the Scenes

In an expanded two-hour episode, the girls and their families travel..

S7E24 - Cherries and Flow..

Chelsea and Cole tie the knot. Kailyn and Javi try to make amends. L..

S7E23 - Ready or Not

Jenelle reaches her boiling point with Barbara. Chelsea and Cole add..

S7E22 - Low Blows

Divorce mediation leads to arguments outside the courthouse for Kail..

S7E21 - I Don't Wanna Tal..

Jenelle prepares for her upcoming court date after getting some surp..

S7E20 - Fake Out

Leah receives some surprise news from Ali's doctor about Aleeah. Jen..

S7E19 - Last to Know

Jenelle reveals her pregnancy to Barbara and Jace. Aubree starts fir..

S7E18 - Heartache

Javi and Kailyn get into a huge fight after he shows up unannounced...

S7E17 - Privacy Please

Jenelle and David keep some big news under wraps. Kailyn and Javi ad..

S7E16 - Homecoming

Javi returns home from deployment to mixed reactions. After a flood ..

S7E15 - 100

On the 100th episode of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea shares big news with Aub..

S7E14 - Deja Vu

Leah struggles with Addie missing her father. Chelsea meets with Ada..

S7E13 - Breaking the Wall

Jenelle faces Nathan and his girlfriend in court for her assault tri..

S7E12 - Gone Fishin'

In the season finale, an emotional meltdown over Barb ruins Jenelle..

S7E11 - Turn the Page

Jenelle's medical woes lead to a disastrous fight with Barbara. Lea..

S7E10 - Choose Your Battles

Kailyn works on her relationship with Vee; Cole takes Aubree to a fa..

S7E9 - While You Were Out

Barbara and David face off over Jenelle, leading to a 911 call. Aubr..

S7E8 - Didn't Mean It

Leah and Corey battle for custody of the twins; Jenelle agree..

S7E7 - Man of the House

Javi says a tearful goodbye to his family before deployment. Jenelle..

S7E6 - Hindsight

Leah considers reuniting with Jeremy; Isaac struggles with Javi's im..

S7E5 - No Access

Cole has a big surprise for Chelsea. Kailyn reveals a huge secret th..

S7E4 - Iced Out

Kailyn and Javi get some bad news about his job. Leah blames Corey f..

S7E3 - Breaking Apart

Leah gets the verdict of her custody case; a big fight destroys Kail..

S7E2 - In The Dark

When Nathan takes Kaiser on an unexpected trip, Jenelle tries to cha..

S7E1 - Here We Go Again

In the Season 7 premiere, Nathan threatens Jenelle with felony charg..


No description

S6 Finale Special - Chec..

Conclusion. Dr. Drew Pinsky meets with the cast to discuss their exp..


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S6E10 - Expect a Miracle

Kailyn is torn between Javi and Jo; Leah finalizes her divorce and c..

S6E9 - Run Away

Leah must return from therapy; Jenelle and Nathan struggle to co-par..

S6E8 - What Makes You Happy

In the aftermath of Nathan's arrest, Jenelle pleads with him to stay..

S6E7 - Wanna Love You

Nathan is arrested after a physical altercation with Jenelle; Leah r..

S6E6 - Walk Out

Chelsea hears news about Taylor that worries her; Jeremy threatens d..

S6E5 - Can't Trust Them

Jenelle and Barb fight after Jenelle fights for full custody; Kailyn..

S6E4 - Not Good Enough

Leah and Corey's relationship takes a turn for the worst; Barbara an..

S6E3 - No Apologies

Chelsea and Adam retain lawyers for their custody battle; Jenelle's ..

S6E2 - Shakedown

Leah takes a court-ordered drug test; Chelsea and Adam's ex, Taylor,..

E1 - Keeping It Moving

In the Season 6 premiere, Javi is upset by something he finds on Kai..

SCatch-Up Special

The special gives fans an update on the lives of “Teen Mom 2? star..

S5E103 - Ask the Moms Spe..

Cast of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 together for the first time

S5E28 - All Grown Up

Jenelle approaches Barbara about gaining custody; Kailyn reunites wi..

S5E27 - Wish You Were Here

Leah and Corey face each other in court; Kailyn and Javi adjust to t..

S5E26 - Co-Parenthood

Jenelle gives birth to a second son; Leah learns that Corey wants fu..

S5E25 - Summer DazeSummer..

Kailyn and Jo disagree about Isaac's visitation schedule; Chelsea me..

S5E24 - Cabin Fever

Jenelle and Barbara clash over Jace's behavioral difficulties.

S5E23 - Bad Behavior

Chelsea must deal with the consequences when Adam is arrested again;..

S5E22 - Family Matters

Jo and Vee visit Kailyn, whose estranged mother has shown up; Chelse..

S5E21 - I'll Be Missing You

Leah and Jeremy visit Ali's specialist; Jenelle and Nathan reunite u..

S5E20 - Harder Than It Lo..

Kailyn celebrates her birthday; Jenelle struggles to take care of Ja..

S5E19 - Overload

Leah begins taking anxiety medicine; Kailyn and Javi visit Joe and V..

S5E18 - When Everything S..

Jenelle and Nathan prepare for his approaching jail time; Chelsea mo..

S5E17 - Keep It Together

Jenelle learns the gender of her baby; Ali becomes aware of her cond..

S5E14 - Check Up With Dr...

Leah discusses her marriage and Ali's illness; Kailyn talks about he..

S5E13 - That's the Way Lo..

Javi goes back to work; Leah discovers the cause of Ali's muscular d..

S5E12 - What You See Is N..

Kailyn's baby is born; Chelsea struggles with the visitation agreeme..

S5E11 - Out of the Blue

Ali tests out her wheelchair; Leah struggles with Jeremy's absence; ..

S5E10 - We Belong Together

Chelsea lands a job; Kailyn and Javi celebrate their wedding; and Je..

S5E9 - Miss You Much

Aubree attends her first dance class; Jeremy and Leah disagree; Jene..

S5E8 - Breakdown

Adam angers Chelsea with a visitation request; Jenelle has an unexpe..

S5E7 - These Are the Days

Kailyn has a meltdown; Leah and Jeremy meet with Corey to discuss Al..


Chelsea throws Aubree's birthday party; Kailyn and Jo got to court; ..


Jenelle and Nathan decide to have a baby; Kailyn prepares for her we..


Jenelle moves in with Nathan; Chelsea invites Adam to pick up Aubree..


Jo and Kailyn argue about Isaac's schedule; Jenelle moves in with he..


Jenelle meets a new guy; Chelsea starts beauty school; and Leah goes..

S5E1 - Revelations

Jenelle decides to terminate a pregnancy; Kailyn has a baby shower; ..

S4E15 - Check Up with Dr...

Chelsea's relationship with Adam; Leah discusses settling down with ..

S4E14 - Check Up with Dr...

Chelsea's relationship with Adam; Leah discusses settling down with ..

S4E13 - S4 Unseen Moments

Season 4 Unseen Moments

S4E12 - The End of the Road

Barbara tries to have Jenelle committed for using drugs; Chelsea ret..

S4E11 - Hard Knocks

Chelsea celebrates Aubree's third birthday; Jenelle learns she has a..

S4E10 - For Love and Money

Leah and Jeremy get married; Jenelle reveals her financial troubles;..

S4E9 - Sweet Dreams

Jenelle goes to court; Leah reaches out to her biological dad; Javi ..

S4E8 - Don't Be Cruel

An altercation sends Gary and Jenelle to jail; Leah moves into her n..

S4E7 - For Better or for ..

Leah and Jeremy get married; Adam tries to make Chelsea jealous; and..

S4E6 - Fall to Pieces

Kailyn loses her cool with Javi; Gary and Jenelle get back together;..

S4E5 - So Hard to Say Goo..

Chelsea is frustrated about moving; Leah makes a decision about her ..

S4E4 - Faded Love

Kieffer and Jenelle begin to date again; Kailyn tries to change the ..

S4E3 - The Future Is Now

Leah is torn between Corey and Jeremy; Adam wants to see Aubree; Jen..

S4E2 - Love Hurts

Kailyn and Jo go to court; Chelsea has her first day at beauty schoo..

S4E1 - Under Pressure

Leah deals with reemerging feelings for Corey; Jenelle and Gary spen..

S3E13 & 14 - Seaon 3 Fina..

Leah reveals news about her pregnancy; Kailyn struggles to accept Jo..

S3E12 - A Means to an End

Leah has news for Corey; Chelsea prepares for beauty school; Jenelle..

S3E11 - Breakdown

Leah and Jeremy get serious; Chelsea breaks down on Adam's birthday;..

S3E10 - Half Empty Half F..

Leah plans a birthday party for the girls; Chelsea convinces her fat..

S3E9 - A New Direction

Leah finds a larger house for her and Jeremy; Chelsea's dog goes mis..

S3E8 - Caught in the Middle

Leah talks to Jeremy about her confusion over Corey; Chelsea wants t..

S3E7 - Building Blocks

Corey has second thoughts about his divorce; Chelsea checks out a be..

S3E6 - A Leap of Faith

Chelsea tries therapy; Leah and Jeremy's relationship becomes offici..

S3E5 - Second Chances

Leah meets someone new; Chelsea and Adam end their relationship; Jen..

S3E4 - Life Goes On

Kailyn takes Jo to court; Leah looks into a nursing program; and Che..

S3E3 - Things Come to an ..

Leah and Corey finalize their divorce; Chelsea's dad finds out that ..

S3E2 - Keeping Hope Alive

Jenelle fails a drug test; Leah and Corey attend custody mediation; ..

S3E1 - Walk the Line

In the Season 3 premiere, Leah prepares for her divorce; Jenelle tri..

S2E14 - Finale Special - ..

Part 1 of 2. Dr. Drew Pinsky chats with Kailyn and Jenelle about the..

S2E13 - Finale Special - ..

Part 1 of 2. Dr. Drew Pinsky chats with Kailyn and Jenelle about the..

S2E12 - Love Will Tear Us..

In the Season 2 finale, Chelsea takes the GED test; Kailyn comes cle..

S2E11 - Falling

Jenelle agrees to go to rehab; Leah files for divorce to protect her..

S2E10 - Love Comes and Goes

Jenelle is sentenced to probation; Corey finds out Leah cheated on h..

S2E9 - The Beginning of t..

Jo appeals Kailyn's request for child support; Jenelle clashes with ..

S2E8 - Making Moves

Jenelle stays with a friend after fighting with her mom, and Kieffer..

S2E7 - Breaking Point

Adam has a relapse; Kieffer is upset with Jenelle for spending time ..

S2E6 - Lean on Me

Chelsea learns a friend is pregnant; Alianna may have a genetic diso..

S2E5 - Home for Christmas

Kailyn adjusts to being alone for the holidays; Chelsea and Adam rec..

S2E4 - No Looking Back

Leah gets the results of Ali's MRI; Jenelle works on her relationshi..

S2E3 - Intensive Care

Jenelle files charges against Kieffer; Leah's daughter Ali undergoes..

S2E2 - Curveball

Jenelle is living in her car with Kieffer; Leah is devastated to lea..

S2E1 - Best Laid Plans

In the Season 2 premiere, Jenelle is back with Keiffer after bailing..

S1E9 - Slippery Slope

Jo faces Kailyn about dating Jordan; Leah and Corey plan for their w..

S1E8 - Pushing The Limit

Jenelle and Kieffer ask to move in with Barbara; Chelsea's father wa..

S1E7 - Switching Gears

Corey's proposal shocks Leah; Chelsea tries to focus on school; Kail..


Tensions flare between Adam and Megan, prompting her to move out; Je..

S1E5 - Too Much Too Fast

This week's Teen Mom is all about the fight for education.

S1E4 - Moving InMoving On

Kailyn borrows money from Jo to pay for school; Chelsea lets Adam mo..

S1E3 - Change of Heart

Jo's parents give Kailyn an ultimatum; Jenelle signs over custody; L..

S1E2 - So Much To Lose

Leah breaks down when one of her twins has a health scare; Chelsea r..

S1E1 - Nothing Stays The ..

Four new "16 & Pregnant" alums are introduced in the "Teen Mom 2" pr..