The Crown


The Crown focuses on Queen Elizabeth II as a 25-year-old newlywed faced with the daunting prospect of leading the world's most famous monarchy while forging a relationship with legendary Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill. The British Empire is in decline, the political world is in disarray, and a young woman takes the throne....a new era is dawning. Peter Morgan's masterfully researched scripts reveal the Queen's private journey behind the public facade with daring frankness. Prepare to be welcomed into the coveted world of power and privilege and behind locked doors in Westminster and Buckingham Palace....the leaders of an empire await.
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S2E10 - Mystery Man

A salacious government scandal hits close to home for Elizabeth and ..

S2E9 - Paterfamilias

Philip insists that Prince Charles attend his alma mater in Scotland..

S2E8 -Dear Mrs. Kennedy

Inspired by Jackie Kennedy and against her government's wishes, Eliz..

S2E7 - Matrimonium

A letter from Peter Townsend spurs Margaret to make a bold proposal...

S2E6 - Vergangenheit

A secret World War II document opens Elizabeth's eyes to grim realit..

S2E5 - Marionettes

After Elizabeth makes a tone-deaf speech at a Jaguar factory, she an..

S2E4 - Beryl

When Elizabeth and Philip throw a grand party for their 10th anniver..

S2E3 - Lisbon

Palace insiders try to prevent a scandal that could reflect poorly o..

S2E2 - A Company of Men

Elizabeth feels disconnected from Philip. Eden copes with internatio..

S2E1 - Misadventure

As Philip leaves for a long tour, Elizabeth makes an upsetting disco..

S1E10 - Gloriana

Margaret and Peter are reunited, but another obstacle stands in thei..

S1E9 - Assassins

As tensions with Philip increase, Elizabeth spends time with her old..

S1E8 - Pride & Joy

Elizabeth and Philip go on an exhausting world journey. Margaret tak..

S1E7 - Scientia Potentia ..

As the Soviets test the H-bomb, both Churchill and Eden have major h..

S1E6 - Gelignite

Margaret and Peter come to Elizabeth with a request. With a royal sc..

S1E5 - Smoke and Mirrors

Elizabeth rejects protocol by appointing Philip to coordinate her co..

S1E4 - Act of God

When dense smog cripples London for days and creates a serious healt..

S1E3 - Windsor

With Elizabeth in a new role, Philip tries to assert some power. Chu..

S1E2 - Hyde Park Corner

With King George too ill to travel, Elizabeth and Philip embark on a..

S1E1 - Wolferton Splash

A young Princess Elizabeth marries Prince Philip. As King George VI..