The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams


In the 1850s, a farmer named James Adams is accused of a crime he didn't commit and must flee into the mountains. There, he rescues and cares for an abandoned grizzly bear cub who subsequently grows into a powerful adult companion named Ben. In addition, Adams learns that he has an uncanny link to much of the wildlife of the region who interact with him on their own without fear or aggression. Now "Grizzly" Adams lives in the wilderness with only an old trader named Mad Jack and an Native American named Nakuma as his only regular human friends. There he meets and aids a variety of visitors who usually are unused to the dangers this beautiful land can have. Unfortunately, while he protects the wildlife from unnecessary harm, he still must be watchful for the bounty hunters looking for the price on his head.
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S2E24 - Once Upon a Starr..

In the Christmas Special, the mountains are safer than ever. The sho..

S2E23 - The World's Great..

Mad Jack & Adams' friendship is put under a test when Mad Jack retur..

S2E22 - The Skyrider

While Adams and Ben have to take care of a hawk, Mad Jack comes upon..

S2E21 - The Quest

An ecstatic Mad Jack arrives at Adams' cabin where Adams and Nakoma ..

S2E20 - The Stranger

Captain Ulysses S. Grant, a famous person arrives at the mountains, ..

S2E19 - The Renewal

It's Easter, a special times for Adams' and the entire mountain. The..

S2E18 - The Littlest Gree..

The animals in the mountains are acting strange, and Mad Jack tells ..

S2E17 - The Great Burro R..

Mad Jack is visited by his old pal Gus Thackery and his wife Gerty, ..

S2E16 - The Runaway

On his way to the river, Adams sees a black man in shackles, named I..

S2E15 - A Gentleman Tinker

Mad Jack is convinced that he found a genuine leprechaun, and overhe..

S2E14 - The Seekers

When Master Sargent Monahan arrives at the mountain, Mad Jack mistak..

S2E13 - A Time of Thirsting

A lack of moisture in the mountains brings problems to the inhabitan..

S2E12 - Marvin the Magnif..

Marvin the Magnificent, an elderly man, stays at Adams's place with ..

S2E11 - The Spoilers

The people at Hoot Owl Creek find out that the fish is dying off and..

S2E10 - Woman in the Wild..

The hunters in the mountain are surprised when a lady appears at the..

S2E9 - The Choice

Robbie Cartman takes his friends' advice and decides to take his dee..

S2E8 - Track of the Cougar

Nakoma is looking for a cougar who destroyed his village, and tore a..

S2E7 - Gold Is Where You ..

Two schemers search for gold on the mountain with a map they bought ..

S2E6 - The Search

Trapper Tom, a man known for trapping grizzly bears and taking them ..

S2E5 - The Orphans

Adams and Mad Jack are busy with watching two orphan children, Miche..

S2E4 - The Trial

It is hunting season, a time when tribesman have to prove their manh..

S2E3 - A Bear's Life

Adams, Mad Jack, Number Seven and Ben are enjoying their days, and a..

S2E2 - Survival

Robbie Cartman returns to the mountain, and wants Adams to cure his ..

S2E1 - Hot Air Hero

An accident happens during an experimental ballon flight, which caus..


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