THE PARTY PATCH – Brenda Johnson Story

O my God, I screamed into the phone speaker as I spoke with my best friend Brenda Johnson.  We have been friends since high school and while I worked at the Local Bank in my small county, she was a Secretary at one of the fortune 500 companies in the main city. We had one thing in common ‘Partying’. Well, we actually met at a frat party back in high School. Today happened to be her birthday party and there was no way she was going to let me miss me but I was having an important business presentation 9am the next day. I quickly dialed the number of Campbell, she was always on hand to give me advice on health stuff and watched my back in the office.

Me: Hey babe! I said softly like I always do in my ‘beggarly’ manner.

Campbell: Hi dearie! Hope someone isn’t calling just because she needs my help? She said trying to quiz the truth out from me like she always do.

Me: I guess I really need your help because I really need to turn up at this night party and deliver the presentation tomorrow by 9am. I chipped in as I paused waiting for her usual solutions.

The Hangover Patch

Campbell: Hmm….She sighed as if she just finished a marathon race.

Well, ever heard of a drug called the Party Patch? She asked while I tried to scan my memory if I had ever heard the stuff in my life.

Me: Well, never heard of it. What does it do?

Campbell: Okay. It’s a device for partygoers who wants to be active and productive the next day. This device sends frequencies to the nervous system to correct any imbalances in the body and makes you active the next day. I bet you can order it online and don’t forget you owe me one.

Me: Thanks a lot Babe.

I quickly ordered for the Party Patch and it was delivered to my doorstep in two days. Read through the manual and fixed the device on my body. As I did, I stepped out of the door into the waiting arms of my friends.

The party was wide and booze filled with a lot of binge drinking. That night I drank more than I had ever done and danced my heart out till midnight. I remembered I had a presentation the next day and couldn’t for no reason miss such an important date. I quickly boarded a cab and the thought struck me, Wow! Can’t believe this stuff works like magic, I soliloquized. As I got home, I felt a new energy surge like I hadn’t been partying all night and I felt refreshed. Went over the already prepared slides for the presentations and slided under the sheets. As I closed my eyes to sleep, I just prayed for no early morning hangover.

“Your time is 7am, Please wake up” My alarm roared me to life. I jumped out of bed suddenly without the feeling of headache nor body aches. As my eyes looked at the Party Patch, I whispered softly, Party Patch the real life patch as I got dressed for the presentation.


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