The Party Patch Can Give You the Power to Party All Weekend Long

I don’t know about you, but I love to party. I work hard, and I play harder. My weekends can get kind of crazy, which sometimes leads to some unfortunate issues. I might show up late to work on Monday, or even worse—I could feel too bad Saturday morning to go out and party that night. Talk about a wasted weekend. When I heard about the party patch, I thought that no matter what, it definitely couldn’t hurt. I mean, it has no chemicals, it’s not a drug, and it’s just supposed to keep you fresh-faced for weekend-long partying. What’s not to love? To see if it works as well as I’d heard, I tried it out this past weekend.

When I got dressed and ready to party, I slapped on the party patch and slipped out the door. I was going to hit every club in Five Points, and then I would head over to the closest house party to do some damage. I got completely wasted, didn’t drink any water, and ate practically nothing the entire night. I fully expected to wake up to a hangover, but lo and behold, the party patch saved my life. It replenishes the vitamins and nutrients that alcohol deprives you of, and this little sticky pad saved me from experiencing what could have only been the most horrifying hangover known to man. I was hype, and when nighttime rolled around again, I went out. Work had be particularly stressful last week, with lots of yelling and unfinished projects and missed deadlines for reasons beyond my control, so I was seriously ready to wreak havoc. I put on another party patch, trusting and eager, and I knocked shots back like it was my 21st birthday all over again. It was as if I could feel the patch sending positive frequencies to my central nervous system after every gulp, correcting each imbalance as it happened.

My favorite thing to drink is a margarita. I love cocktails, and I’m not ashamed of it. I can down my shots and chug my beers with the best of them, but I can slurp down ten margaritas in two hours if you try me. Saturday night, I downed as many margaritas as I could afford, letting the salt and the alcohol and the lemon-lime wash away the terrors of the week before. When I got home, I passed out cold, barely making it to the couch, but the next morning? Fresh and ready to go. The party patch was an amazing addition to my weekend, and it’s going to be an integral part of my lifestyle from here on out.


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