The Party Patch: it works for me and it works for you

The party patch has become my ultimate hangover defense, and it can become yours as well. If you’re a party animal as me (or if your body is simply too week and you’re the first one to get hammered among your friends) keep one of this at hand. I’ll keep you going all night long without feeling the effects of your booze abuse.


My experience with the Party Patch

I have become a personal fan of the BIO Energy Patch since January 2017. You see, I live in Montreal, Canada, and I’m a big fan of electronic festivals.

Canadian winter is cold, harsh, and unforgiving, and one of the only times to enjoy our beautiful public spaces is during the Igloo Festival at the middle of January, where we gather around the Old Port plaza and rave all night long.

Of course, those of us who can’t resist the cold will be drinking beer after beer with no thinking of tomorrow. When I was already feeling a little dizzy and tired, a friend of mine recommended me the Party Patch. He happened to have two in his pockets.

So, I went to the car for a couple of minutes and applied the patch on my back. By the hour I was feeling as a new man, and whilst it was already 4 A.M., I stayed up until 6 and went partying the following day like if it was nothing.


The Party Patch


How it works

The BIO Energy Patch is a transdermal is a delivery that provides a signals to our nervous system. The patch combines sub-harmonic bio-frequencies and other materials to create a special technology that has the potential to correct any unbalance in the body.

As our cells are driven by energy, when that energy becomes unbalanced, our body suffer, and a when we drink a lot of alcohol we indeed mess with the energies within us.The BIO Energy Patch sends signals to the affected cells through the Central Nervous System so they can begin a reprogramming process.



Why does it work?

The sub-harmonic frequencies technology is touted as one of the most powerful healing mechanism in the world.

The sub-harmonic bio-frequencies are coded into a carboy alloy mix of materials, which is why its very sensitivity to radio frequency and gives the material a three-year life span. The carbon alloy is designed to interact with the cell’s energy in order to balance the human body.

The frequencies of the party patch are in the category of “Bio-Energetic” or “Bio-Resonance Nutrition / Balancing.” The technology goes along the scientific view that the body is an energetic machine first, and a biochemical machine second.


No more hangovers

You don’t have to experience those horrible hangovers anymore. It means you’ll say goodbye of the morning headaches, muscle pains, fatigue, and sensitivity to loud noises and bright lights.

Remember alcohol is a diuretic, so it dehydrates your body very fast. It means that when we don’t drink enough water during our wild nights we will face a hard time the morning after. Also, when our bodies metabolize alcohol, it creates a dangerous chemical named acetaldehyde which causes nausea and intensifies headaches.

Now, I know the most effective way of avoiding a hangover is stop drinking altogether. But is a know that’s not really an alternative for everybody, here’s your magic bullet: The Hangover Relief BioEnergy Patch, also called the Party Patch.

And the whole reason of the Party Patch is getting rid of hangovers even before they start. These products are also easy to use and have no side effects.


The hangover solution

The $29.99 Party Patch reduces the side effects of drinking alcohol and ensures a peaceful sleep and a healthy wake up the morning after.

The Hangover patch uses and FDA-approved transdermal 3M patch with BIO Energy technology. All you have to do is apply the patch to a dry and hairless zone on your skin during any moment of the night. Put it under your shirt for some privacy.

You should use the Party Patch about 45 minutes before you start drinking, and the best places to put it are either your abdomen or your back. Remove the patch with warm water the next day, 8 hours after you wake.  You’ll also need to drink about 16oz of water whenever you use the patch but forget about taking pills, aspirins, coffee, or hot milk.

If you use the patch after you start drinking (or when you’re already hammered), you’ll benefit from a faster recovery time. Mix your patch with glasses of water and soon you’ll get rid of the drowsiness and the dizziness.

So feel free to really enjoy the night with your friends or your partner and still be able to go to work on the next day with your whole sense in tune.


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