The Proud Family


14 year-old Penny Proud has one wacky family: over-protective father, Oscar, loving mother, Trudy, little brother Cece and sister Bebe, and hard-core grandmother Suga Mama. Her wild friends...
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S2E14 -Adventures In Bebe..

Dijonay sneaks off to see a concert, leaving Penny to babyist all of..

S2E13 -There's Something ..

The Prouds' new nanny charms the entire family except a jealous Trudy.

S2E1 - A Star Is Scorned

When a music company hears of the group LPDZ, they all get a recordi..

S1E21 - Romeo Must Wed

Penny gets the lead part in the school production of ""Romeo and Jul..

S1E20 - Hip-Hop Helicopter

The hottest show around. Penny gets her girls when it comes to town...

S1E19 - The Altos

There is a scavenger hunt put on by no other, Wizard Kelly. You figu..

S1E18 - Enter the Bullies

Penny is sick and tired of the the Gross sisters. When she tries to ..

S1E17 - Puff's Magic Adve..

Suga Mama needs Oscar to watch Puff. Oscar wants it to be his day of..

S1E16 - I Love You Penny ..

It's Valentine's Day. And that notes! But Penny didn't ..

S1E15 - I Had a Dream

It's Black History Month and that means reports on famous people in ..

S1E14 - Love Thy Neighbor

While grillign burgers, Oscar is finished usin a match, so he throug..

S1E13 - The Party

Penny decides to throw a slammin' party, but LaCienega is throwing a..

S1E12 - Makeover

For the school dance, Penny, LaCienega and Dijonay give Zoey a makeo..

S1E11 - Seven Days of Kwa..

As the Proud family goes Christmas shopping, they meet a homeless fa..

S1E10 - Don't Leave Home ..

Penny is entrusted with her very own credit card, which she plans on..

S1E9 - Teacher's Pet

Penny's grades fall victim to a longtime grudge held between her tea..

S1E8 - Forbidden Date

Penny breaks her father's no-dating rule when she goes to the amusem..

S1E7 - She's Got Game

Penny's efforts to impress a boy at school land her on the football ..

S1E6 - Spelling Bee

Because of a preview of a 'Wizard Kelly Spelling Bee' that Oscar saw..

S1E5 - EZ Jackster

Penny's crush on a new boy at school has repercussions beyond her wi..

S1E4 - Tiger Whisperer

It's take your daughter to work day! But Penny doesn't want to go wi..

S1E3 - Rumors

Penny is being very generous today. She is washing the dishes, makin..

S1E2 - Strike

All Penny needs to do is clean up her room...but Oscar tells Penny t..