The Real Story with Maria Elena Salinas


Headline-making crimes are examined via archival footage, recreations and interviews with those closest to the case. Included: new evidence; and unheard perspectives.

S2E5 -Deadly Brotherhood

After a college student dies during a weekend getaway, it will take ..

S2E4 -Fire & Water

Two young women die mysterious deaths two years apart, and nothing s..

S2E3 -The Fall of Innocence

Maria Elena Salinas seeks the truth after a beautiful young mother f..

S2E2 - Finding the Bogeyman

When 3-year-old Tosho Handa is abducted from his bed in the middle o..

S2E1 -Jekyll & Hyde

Gary Bardwell's premonition about his daughter, Jessie, turns into a..

S1E10 - Lost Girls of the..

In 2009, police discover the remains of 11 women in the desert on th..

S1E9 - Toughest to Solve

In Illinois, 62-year-old Mexican immigrant Felipe Ulloa tells his wi..

S1E8 - A Parent's Nightmare

After a dead body is found in a Seattle park, police pay a visit to ..

S1E7 - Pulse Nightclub: T..

In the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, 49 people are killed..

S1E6 - A Mother's Quest

Mary Rose is deeply concerned after her 15-year old daughter, Annett..

S1E5 - The Secret Cost of..

In September 2004, Hurricane Ivan was barreling towards the Florida ..

S1E4 - An Unspeakable Tra..

It's 2004, a daycare provider in Corvallis, Oregon is alarmed when t..

S1E3 - Failure of Justice

The mean streets of East Detroit, 2007. An entire house is shot up -..

S1E2 - The Deltona Massacre

When 22-year-old Erin Belanger and her boyfriend Francisco Flacco Ro..

S1E1 – “Confessions o..

The premiere tells the story of Martin Tankleff, who was convicted i..