The Virginian


The Shiloh Ranch in Wyoming Territory of the 1890s is owned in sequence by Judge Garth, the Grainger brothers, and Col. MacKenzie. It is the setting for a variety of stories, many more based on character and relationships than the usual western.
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S2E30 - A Man Called Kane

Randy and Betsy explore a cave and find a number of gold coins and a..

S2E29 - Dark Destiny

Steve, Randy and other hands capture two horse rustlers, Frank Conra..

S2E26 - The Secret of Bry..

Betsy Garth is driven by Randy to Brynmar Hall, a large mansion, whe..

S2E25 - Rope of Lies

A beautiful woman, Alva Lowell (Diana Millay), arrives in Medicine B..

S2E23 - The Intruders

Judge Garth is hosting a meeting at Shiloh Ranch between a US Army G..

S2E22 - Smile of a Dragon

Trampas is the sole survivor of a stagecoach robbery but he is wound..

S2E21 - A Matter of Destiny

Robert Gaynor (Peter Graves), a wealthy and somewhat ruthless Chicag..

S2E20 - First to Thine Ow..

A young drifter named Randy (Randy Boone) camps with Silas (Frank Ma..

S2E19 - The Drifter

This episode recounts in flashback how the Virginian came to Shiloh ..

S2E18 - The Thirty Days o..

Former British soldier Gavin Heath (Leo Genn) strikes it rich and re..

S2E17 - The Fortunes of J..

J. Jimerson Jones (Pat O'Brien) finds a gold vein and on the way to ..

S2E16 - Roar from the Mou..

A cougar kills a Shiloh hand and Steve Hill, experienced in hunting ..

S2E15 - The Invaders

Rancher Mike Tyrone (Ed Begley) purhases a ranch near Medicine Bow, ..

S2E14 - Man of Violence

Trampas' Uncle Josh (Harry Shannon) is murdered during an holdup by ..

S2E13 - Siege

Trampas wins $1,000 at poker in Medicine Bow and heads to his old st..

S2E12 - A Time Remembered

Accompanied by her secretary (Melinda Plowman), opera singer Elena (..

S2E11 - The Fatal Journey

After she calls for the President to bring in the army to rid the ba..

S2E10 - Stopover in a Wes..

The well-off Caroline Witman (Joan Freeman) and her Aunt Grace (Lill..

S2E9 - Run Quiet

Steve Hill befriends a dishevelled deaf mute named Judd (Clu Gulager..

S2E8 - A Portrait of Mari..

After delivering a herd of cattle to New Orleans, the Virginian meet..

S2E7 - Brother Thaddeus

Former n'er do well Willie Caine (Albert Salmi) is now a monk, Broth..

S2E6 - It Takes a Big Man

Judge Garth is asked by an old friend, Wade Anders (Lloyd Nolan), to..

S2E5 - The Evil That Men Do

In cooperaton with a progressive warden, Judge Garth gets a man name..

S2E4 - A Killer in Town

A bounty hunter named George Wolfe (Broderick Crawford) comes to Med..

S2E3 - No Tears for Savan..

In Santa Rita the Virginian meets an old flame, Savannah (Gena Rowla..

S2E2 - To Make This Place..

Judge Garth is convinced to go to Arapaho, Wyoming, by Roseanna Dobi..

S2E1 - Ride a Dark Trail

The Virginian accidentally comes upon, and is held at gunpoint by, y..