A former rodeo cowboy becomes a sheriff.
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S1E19 - Doubtful Target

Binzer is dating Kimberly, a blind girl. He goes to pick her up at h..

S1E18 - Scoundrels

Sheriff Lamb needs to find a way to help his son when Katherine arre..

S1E15 - Two of a Kind

Savino, Mia and Tommy have their hands full when a Hollywood produce..

S1E14 - The Third Man

Jack needs to break devastating news to Mia, while he hides crucial ..

S1E13 - The Eleventh Event

Leon Hazlet, an Olympic gold medalist and a friend of Dan's, is para..

S1E12 - Ghost of the Ripper

Someone is killing prostitutes, and the police are baffled. A prosti..

S1E6 - The Real Thing

Savino decides it's time to put a new, mob-friendly mayor in office,..

S1E5 - Solid Citizens

When a newlywed thinks she sees her supposedly long-dead father in t..

S1E4 - LoveLaugh and Die

When a former call girl is killed, Dan tries to figure out which of ..

S1E3 - Mother Mishkin

When a former madam starts receiving death threats, Dan begins to su..

S1E2 - The Games Girls Play

Three Beverly Hills wives who added some excitement to their lives b..

S1E1 - Pilot

When rancher Ralph Lamb becomes a sheriff, he begins investigating t..