A look at the personal and professional life of Boston chef Paul Wahlberg and his real-life entourage as he prepares to expand his hamburger restaurant business.
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S9E5 - Reeling in the Big..

For over a year Mark has been trying to make a deal to put Wahlburge..

S9E4 -Wahlburgers Are Vir..

Mark is hosting an NBA All-Star weekend party at their newest additi..

S9E3 - Paul the Pitch Man

Paul is caught off guard when he is selected by Mark to be the pitch..

S9E2 -OFD: Originally fro..

The plan for global expansion continues as the Wahlberg brothers pla..

S9E1 - Meat in the Middle

Mark, Donnie and Paul have big plans for Wahlburgers' ever-expanding..

S8E14 - Deliver Us From A..

Paul’s idea for Wahlburgers delivery provides the perfect cover fo..

S8E13 - Wahl In A Day's W..

In this unprecedented episode, Mark gives TV viewers unique and inti..

S8E12 - Alma's Gone Fishin'

Alma works as a greeter while Mark negotiates a deal to put Wahlburg..

S8E11 - Jen and Juice

Donnie helps Jenny conduct research for her new vodka at the Vegas W..

S8E10 - Magic Mark

Paul enlists entertainers Penn and Teller to make a VIP party at the..

S8E9 - Nice Day for a Wah..

Donnie and Elijah commandeer a food truck and drive it to the New Ki..

S8E8 - Music City Mayhem

In Nashville on tour with NKOTB, Donnie scouts a potential location ..

S8E7 - Magic Mark

Mark embarks on a business trip across the U.S. that includes an opp..

S8E6 - Wahl Around The Wo..

With Wahlburgers on the verge of closing a deal to open hundreds of ..

S8E5 - Where's The Beef?

As Paul visits potential San Francisco locations, he discovers a mea..

S8E4 - Weiner Takes All

Donnie's trip to the grand opening of the second Orlando Wahlburgers..

S8E3 - Getting Rich In Ve..

Mark invites Alma to be his red carpet date for the Boston premiere ..

S8E2 - Fry Me to the Moon

Donnie invites food critic Day'm Drops to Wahlburgers to help convin..

S8E1 - HoustonWe Have a P..

Mark, Donnie and Paul all converge in Houston in hopes of another Ne..

S7E10 - Thanxmas

The holidays are celebrated as Mark and his kids visit Alma, but Don..

S7E8 - If The Horseshoe F..

Paul cooks for the prestigious Taste of the Derby but his brothers t..

S7E7 - Bend It Like Wahlb..

Mark and Paul visit the Tottenham Hotspur's stadium as a potential W..

S7E6 - Wahlformers

While filming Transformers 5, Mark tries to wear Wahlburgers merchan..

S7E5 - Great Scotland!

Mark meets Paul in Scotland and informs Paul that he's offered up hi..

S7E4 - Take Me Out to the..

Paul organizes a burger-eating contest at the Coney Island Wahlburge..

S7E3 - Wahl in the Family

Donnie takes Bob and Oscar to scout a potential Wahlburgers location..

S7E2 - Go Midwest Young Men

Mark heads to Detroit to help a new location launch successfully and..

S7E1 - VR the World

Donnie creates a virtual reality experience of the Hingham Wahlburge..

S6E8 - Wahlbowl

Mark invites the brothers and their children to the New England Patr..

S6E7 - Donnie Draper

Paul meets with an ad agency on Donnie's suggestion to start an ad c..

S6E6 - Hollywood and Dine

Mark and Paul head to L.A. to visit a new location and Paul cooks a ..

S6E5 - Mark's Ha-Bachi

Mark brings his friend Sexy Kenny, an outspoken hibachi chef, to Hin..

S6E4 - Dorchester Daze

After scouting the new Wahlburgers Dorchester location, Paul, Bob an..

S6E3 - Five Card Studs

Donnie hosts a charity poker tournament for Mark's Youth Foundation ..

S6E2 - No IfsAnds or Putts

While Mark and Paul are in Orlando for the Grand Opening of the firs..

S6E1 - Paul-itics

Donnie puts a ballot box in Wahlburgers so customers can vote on who..

S5E8 - The Fenway Way Back

Wahlburgers takes on local rival Tasty Burger in a game of softball ..

S5E7 - Hamburgers and Hor..

Champion racer Dale Earnhardt Jr. invites Mark to a NASCAR event in ..

S5E6 - Nurse Alma

Prankster Mark gets a taste of his own medicine when he plays golf a..

S5E5 - Wahl Always Have P..

Paul visits Mark in France, where he tours Paris and gets the opport..

S5E4 - Bahston Gahden Pah..

Donnie surprises Alma and the rest of the New Kids on the Block pare..

S5E3 - Brooklyn Bound Bur..

Donnie tries to bring Wahlburgers to the set of "Blue Bloods," but h..

S5E2 - Family & Faith

Mark heads to Philadelphia to host The Festival of Families and hono..

S5E1 - Directing Drama

In the fifth season premiere, Mark suggests Johnny Drama make a musi..

S4E8 - Matchmaker Mark

Mark grabs some high-tech audio gear and plays Cyrano de Bergerac wh..

S4E7 - New Kids on the Bo..

The highly-anticipated opening of a Wahlburgers in Coney Island is d..

S4E6 - Not Your Routine P..

Paul must make a decision about a Wahlburger's poutine; Donnie arriv..

S4E5 - Drama Meets Drama

The gang meets its fictional alter egos at the premiere of the ``Ent..

S4E4 - Good Vi-Bro-Tions

The NKOTB concert tour intersects with Mark's publicity tour in New ..

S4E3 - Krafting a Patriot..

Paul works to create a burger for New England Patriots owner Robert ..

S4E2 - Do the Hustle

Mark ends up caught in the middle when tempers flare between members..

S4E1 - License to Grill

Paul's family visits Mark's home in Los Angeles in the Season 4 prem..

S3E9 - Grand OpeningEh?

The Wahlbergs attend the grand opening of a new Wahlburgers in Toron..

S3E8 - Bowling for Burgers

Donnie pressures Paul to win Boston's annual "Battle of the Burger" ..

S3E7 - On Your Mark... Ge..

Paul visits Mark in Los Angeles; children taste test a new menu item.

S3E5 - A Re-Mark-able Feast

Paul decides to cook Mark, Bob, Drama and Billy a five-star meal.

S3E3 - Should I Stay Orr ..

Hockey legend Bobby Orr joins Paul and Jim for a round of golf; Donn..

S3E2 - On Your Mark...Get..

Paul takes a trip to Los Angeles to visit his brother Mark.

S3E1 - Wedding Bliss &..

Paul and MLB player David Ortiz team up to create a new burger in th..

S2E10 - Wedding Bliss &am..

Paul and MLB player David Ortiz team up to create a new burger in th..

S2E9 - Trading Places

Donnie learns to appreciate brother Paul's talents when he steps in ..

S2E8 - Something's Fishy

Paul and Bob take their sons on a fishing trip that soon evolves int..

S2E7 - Guarding Alma

Alma becomes best buddies with Mark's bodyguard; pop duo MKTO visits..

S2E6 - A Cut Above

Alma becomes worried when Paul takes up woodworking as a stress-reli..

S2E5 - Meet the Press

Paul becomes worried when Alma shares candid childhood stories with ..

S2E4 - An American Wahlbe..

Paul travels to London to cheer up homesick Donnie, who is touring w..

S2E3 - Pranks for the Mem..

The boys get mischievous on Dorchester Day; Johnny "Drama" and Henry..

S2E2 - Meet the Press

Paul becomes worried when Alma shares candid childhood stories with ..

S2E1 - Here's the Drill

Paul seeks fantasy football advice from Rob Gronkowski; Mark brings ..

S2E00 - The Real Entourage

Johnny Drama gets to audition for a film role when Mark brings his r..

S1E9 - The Real Entourage

Johnny Drama gets to audition for a film role when Mark brings his r..

S1E8 - The Funky Bunch

Donnie and Mark, along with some famous friends, trick Paul into thi..

S1E7 - Pauliday

Donnie gives his workaholic brother Paul a break by taking him out i..

S1E6 - Eating Green

Alma attempts to gather up all of her children's favorite recipes to..

S1E5 - The Real Entourage

Mark asks Johnny and Billy to take Paul out for a weekend of physica..


Paul and Mark go golfing, leaving their mother in charge of the rest..


Paul and Mark go golfing, leaving their mother in charge of the rest..


Donnie brings his girlfriend Jenny McCarthy home to meet his mother.

S1E1 - Who's Your Favorite?

A burger joint expands to a second location in the opener of this se..