Walker Texas Ranger


Walker, a martial artist, and his partner Trivette are Texas Rangers. They make it their business to battle crime in Dallas and all around the State of Texas.
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S9E24 - The Final Show/Do..

In the two-hour season finale, a notorious gang Walker put away retu..

S9E23 - The Final Show/Do..

In the two-hour season finale, a notorious gang Walker put away retu..

S9E22 - Reel Rangers

Walker and Alex are so excited about the arrival of their new baby t..

S9E21 - Blood Diamonds

Walker and the Rangers try to intercept a huge black-market arms dea..

S9E20 - Without a Sound

When high-tech carjackers wreak havoc in Texas and kill Gage's old h..

S9E19 - Unsafe Speed

Sydney and Gage use their undercover skills posing as bikers to infi..

S9E12 - Desperate Measures

Four women escape from a bus taking them to Gaitesville Prison. Two ..

S9E1 - Home of the Brave

After Walker and the gang put an end to a baby kidnapping ring, Walk..

S8E25 - Wedding Bells (2)

Episode two of two. Alex and Walker make the proper preparations for..

S8E24 - Wedding Bells (1)

Episode one of two. Alex and Walker make the proper preparations for..

S8E23 - The Bachelor Party

While on their trip, Walker, Gage, and Trivette face two deadly situ..

S8E22 - Showdown at Casa ..

Second part of two episodes. Sydney and Alex are kidnapped by two Me..

S8E21 - Showdown at Casa ..

Sydney and Alex are kidnapped by two Mexican brothers that are looki..

S8E18 - Black Dragons

A diplomat's son assaults Gage, but is protected by diplomatic imuni..

S8E14 - A Matter of Princ..

After his daughter is shot in a bank robbery, an old man goes on a h..

S8E12 - A Matter of Faith

A Santa-suited group hits armored cars; a gang steals Christmas dona..

S8E10 - Rise to the Occas..

After a young boy commits suicide, Walker works to improve condition..

S8E8 - Widow Maker

As the community prepares for the first annual charity rodeo, Trivet..

S8E6 - The Lynn Sisters

Country Singers Patsy,and Peggy Lynn are kidnapped by Record Pirates..

S8E5 - Tall Cotton

Gage and Sidney must go undercover to save Gage's sister who's gone ..

S8E3 - Safe House

Gage and Sydney have to protect an accountant from his criminal boss..

S8E2 - Countdown

Walker and Trivette must stop a group of terrorists from releasing a..

S8E1 - In Harm's Way (2)

In last year's season finale, a vicious serial killer who set his si..

S7E19 - Brothers in Arms

When the rangers arrest Jimmy's brother Simon, Jimmy soon finds that..

S7E17 - live-girls.now

Trivette's girlfriend goes missing and her pictures start showing up..

S7E15 - Team Cherokee (1)

There are recent mishaps at a motor speedway. The accidents are pron..

S7E13 - Special Witness

When Trent is beat up and stabbed, the only witness is a mentally ch..

S7E11 - On the Border

A tyrannical small-town sheriff (Lee Majors) reports a drug-related ..

S7E9 - Paradise Trail

Chuck Norris returns to the role of Hayes Cooper, the legendary boun..

S7E8 - Second Chance

As a radical group from the IRA attempts to stop the peace process i..

S7E7 - Survival

What was supposed to be a six-day camping trip filled with campfires..

S7E6 - The Children of Ha..

A satanic symbol is left at the scenes of child abductions, and it a..

S7E5 - Code of the West

After a dangerous convict escapes from prison and begins killing tho..

S7E4 - War Cry

After a young girl dies and other children fall seriously ill, Walke..

S7E3 - Royal Heist

Years ago, Walker put Garrett Stone behind bars and now that he's pa..

S7E2 - Trackdown

Thanks to Walker, a man who was sent to prison on a false charge is ..

S7E1 - The Wedding (2)

What should have been the happiest day of Walker's life quickly turn..

S6E24 - Test of Faith

Two 14-year-old crack sellers are victims in a turf war involving mu..

S6E23 - Circle of Life

Joe Lopez, a safecracker, who has been paroled returns to see his wi..

S6E22 - The Soul of Winter

Roscoe Jones, the (black) minister who succeeded Trent's father is b..

S6E21 - Angel

, Trivette's old girlfriend, comes to town looking for her father an..

S6E19 - Everyday Heroes

Trent gains the reputaion of being a defender for abused woman. Mari..

S6E18 - Undercover

Carlos is working undercover. He is working on a ring of drug dealer..

S6E17 - In God's Hands

Walker and Trivette are chasing some robbers; while Walker goes afte..

S6E15 - Money Talks

C.D. is offered a job as the acting head of security at Golden Wells..

S6E13 - Tribe

Walker's friend, Reservation Police Chief Sam Coyote has been seeing..

S6E11 - A Woman's Place

A female construction worker is in danger after threatening to blow ..

S6E10 - Rainbow's End

James Lee Crown wants to raise the value of his horse and to do that..

S6E9 - Mr. Justice

When it appears that sending criminals to prison is not working, Wal..

S6E7 - Last of a Breed (2)

Cooper sets out to get justice for the Wilsons. He begins by confron..

S6E6 - Last of a Breed (1)

Walker tells some children who are touring the Texas Ranger Hall of ..

S6E5 - Forgotten People

Trivette is summoned to a nursing home called Quiet Rest by an old f..

S6E1 - The Fighting McLains

Belle Starr McClain is an under cover agent working on Jack Garrett...

S5E26 - Texas vs. Cahill

Alex's current case is a retrial of Lane Tillman, a mob boss, who is..

S5E25 - Sons of Thunder (2)

As Trent tries to help out his family, and reconnect with his siblin..

S5E24 - Sons of Thunder (1)

Thunder Malloy, a preacher, who is a friend of Walker's dies and his..

S5E20 - Trial of LaRue

Victor La Rue has been declared fit for trial. During the course of ..

S5E19 - Days Past

Vince Pike, the man who shot Walker's fiancee ten years earlier,

S5E12 - The Deadliest Man..

The world's most deadly assassin who has left a trail of blood in

S5E4 - The Brotherhood

Walker takes on a trio of Vigilante Cops,who decided to take the law..

S4E23 - The Siege

Walker and his friends are on a fishing trip in the wilderness in a ..

S4E20 - Behind the Badge

Trivette tries to impress the reporterette following him around for ..

S4E17 - El Coyote (1)

Walker poses as a peasant to track slave-labor smugglers in Mexico.

S4E15 - The Return of LaRue

Victor LaRue having been released from prison by the parole board be..

S4E13 - Flashpoint

Some Irish militants are trying to kill a peacemaker.

S4E7 - Final Justice

For years Walker has believed that the man who murdered his parents ..

S3E25 - Stand Off (2)

Walker (with the aid of a jet pack) and Trivette protect a Mexican P..

S3E24 - Stand Off (1)

Walker (with the aid of a jet pack) and Trivette protect a Mexican P..

S3E23 - Flashback (2)

After surviving a rattlesnake attack, Walker (with Trivette) continu..

S3E22 - Flashback (1)

Walker pursues a group of killers seeking the lost treasures of Haye..

S3E21 - Case Closed

Walker seeks to disprove 40 years of UFO sightings in a small, Texas..

S3E20 - On Sacred Ground

Cherokee youths are stealing artifacts from a museum, claiming they ..

S3E19 - Blue Movies

A judge has a meeting with Alex and Walker where he has discovered s..

S3E18 - Trust No One

Walker must clear the name of Trivette, who's been accused in the di..

S3E17 - War Zone (2)

A series of high-profile robberies puzzle the Rangers, but when one ..

S3E16 - War Zone (1)

A series of high-profile robberies puzzle the Rangers, but when one ..

S3E15 - Cowboy

Walker and Trivette must save Alex, who is kidnapped by career crimi..

S3E11 - Tiger's Eye

The Japanese mob is kicking up some trouble in Houston. Unfortunatel..

S3E2 - Branded

The death of a government inspector seems to be linked to a cattle r..

S3E1 - Badge of Honor

Walker and Trivette set to prove that race was an illegal main facto..

S2E24 - Stolen Lullaby

A young mother's baby girl is stolen from her and illegally adopted ..

S2E23 - Deadly Reunion (2)

Walker and Trivette get help from a legendary Texas Ranger, back to ..

S2E22 - Deadly Reunion (1)

Walker and Trivette get help from a legendary Texas Ranger, back to ..

S2E21 - Rampage

C.D. must rescue Walker and Trivette after they get trapped in Texas..

S2E20 - The Long Haul

Walker and Trivette go undercover to find out what happened to Walke..

S2E19 - Skyjacked

While transporting a condemned man from Ohio to Texas, his friends s..

S2E18 - Deadly Vision

Using a psychic to help locate a kidnapped 8-year-old earns Trivette..

S2E17 - The Committee

Walker goes undercover to foil a small town's local officials, who'v..

S2E16 - The Prodigal Son

Walker soul searches after he nearly causes a young boy's death duri..

S2E15 - Right ManWrong Time

Country-singer Merrilee needs Walker's protection from her estranged..

S2E14 - On Deadly Ground

Though they've no jurisdiction there, Walker and Trivette go to Mexi..

S2E13 - Something in the ..

Walker and Trivette come close to apprehending the leader of a drug ..

S2E12 - Something in the ..

Walker and Trivette come close to apprehending the leader of a drug ..

S2E11 - The Legend of Run..

Walker's cousin, David Little Eagle Jackson, returns to the reservat..

S2E10 - Night of the Glad..

To get information on a gang who destroyed a friend's life via black..

S2E9 - An Innocent Man

Walker must find a way to prove a condemned man's guilty plea was th..

S2E7 & 8

Walker investigates the murder of a veterinarian who was trying the ..

S2E6 - Family Matters

Walker is not able to arrest Mick Flanders because his sister is in ..

S2E5 - End Run

Walker and Trivette are assigned to escort Cat, a woman who is to te..

S2E4 - Crime Wave Dave

Walker receives a plea for help when a woman named Frances tells him..

S2E3 - In the Name of God

A desperate man named Hank Berigan asks Alex for help in persuading ..

S2E2 - Storm Warning

Trivette goes undercover into jail to infiltrate and destroy a dru..

S2E1 - Bounty

After he robbed a bank Roy accidentally gets arrested because of a m..

S1E3 - A Shadow in the Ni..

When a powerful Japanese Yazuka is killed by Congressman Cabe's assi..

S1E2 - Borderline

Walker must help Alex when she is stalked by an ex-convict whom she ..

S1E1 - One RiotOne Ranger

During a bank robbery in Dallas, Walker's partner is killed. Trying ..