Welcome to Sweetie Pies


Miss Robbie Montgomery, an ex-background singer for Ike and Tina Turner, is as sassy and savvy as ever in an all-new season of the hit show, Welcome to Sweetie Pie's! She and her son Tim are working hard to open their third soul food restaurant - Sweetie Pie's "The Upper Crust," and through all of the construction setbacks, the cost escalations, and the family turmoil, this mother/son team are set to pull it off by the skin of their teeth. While the family is figuring out how they are going to keep three busy restaurants going, Miss Robbie's nephew Lil' Charles struggles to be taken seriously as a manager, Tim and Jenae take a long hard look at their rocky relationship and their plans for a wedding, and Miss Robbie looks ahead to her future and her legacy. Will her family be stable enough to inherit her empire? Will she be willing to slow down at any point? Always food for the soul, Welcome to Sweetie Pie's is bound to leave you hungry for more.
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S8E11 -Ain't Nobody's Bus..

Tim loves being back in the studio, but is pulled away when Charles ..

S8E10 -Keep You Guessing

Miss Robbie is excited to shoot the music video for her new single, ..

S8E9 - You Got Me Runnin

Miss Robbie puts Michelle in charge of Hamburger Heaven's grand open..

S8E8 -I Can't Stand the R..

Miss Robbie and Michelle hustle to finish the final touches for Hamb..

S8E7 -Keep on Pushin'

While Miss Robbie grapples over choosing which family member will ma..

S8E6 - Road Blocks

After Tim and Jennifer discuss their future together, Jennifer and M..

S8E5 - Cussin'Cryin' and ..

Miss Robbie takes a break from Sweetie Pie's, dipping her toe in the..

S8E4 -Got My Mojo Workin'

Miss Robbie juggles business and pleasure as she performs a concert ..

S8E3 - Better Get Steppin

Monique has been in need of a change, and after a big fight with Jen..

S8E2 - With a Little Help..

Things aren't so sweet at Sweet Times Houston, causing Tim to enlist..

S7E13 - Facing the Music

In the Season 7 finale, Miss Robbie hits the stage for her first sol..

S7E12 - Challenge Accepted!

With Tim swamped at Inglewood, Charles gets too comfortable laying d..

S7E11 - Going for Broke

Tim's soft opening strategy may backfire when Inglewood's crowd beco..

S7E10 - No OpeningNo Clos..

Tim prepares for a soft opening at the Inglewood location; Charles r..

S7E5 - Show Up or Show Out

Miss Robbie's concerns about Tim's business dealings grow; Tim await..

S7E4 - Vacation: Sweetie ..

Tim takes the family to Orlando for TJ's 5th birthday, but must leav..

S7E3 - Behind the Wall

Tim gives Miss Robbie a tour of the prison where he served time; Jan..


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S6E6 - Secrets & Sabotage

Tim makes a surprising hire; Miss Robbie returns to St. Louis; and T..

S6E5 - That's What Friend..

Miss Robbie returns to L.A., and Tim tries to get her out of the kit..

S6E4 - Life's a Beach Kin..

Tim leaves Charles in charge when he heads out of town; Miss Robbie ..

S6E3 - A Tale of Two Cities

Complaints pile up on Day 2 at TJ's Sweetie Pie's; and it's left to ..

S6E2 - NoHo or NoGo?

The lights go out on opening day at Sweetie Pie's NoHo; Miss Robbie ..

S6E1 - Hooray for North H..

In the Season 6 premiere, Miss Robbie and Tim open their first resta..

S5E8 - Soft OpeningHard L..

Miss Robbie works on finishing her cookbook; Charles seems to have f..

S5E7 - Too Blessed to Be ..

Miss Robbie and Tim tour the new restaurant in L.A. Meanwhile, in St..

S5E6 - California Dreamin..

Charles steps up his game; Tim finds Miss Robbie her dream restauran..

S5E5 - Ferguson

Miss Robbie receives an honorary degree from Nelly; Charles comes to..

S5E4 - The Pecking Order

Tensions rise while waiting for the grand jury decision in the Fergu..

S5E3 - Miss Robbie's ..

Tensions rise while waiting for the grand jury decision in the Fergu..

S5E2 - With Unity Comes C..

Missing money forces Tim to make a tough decision while the Church o..

S5E1 - JesusTake The Wheel

In the Season 5 premiere, Miss Robbie returns from Memphis and disco..

S4E6 - Ready to Launch

Tim and Miss Robbie clash over the new restaurant.

S4E5 - Running Out of Time

Ma'ri gets in trouble when payroll gets delayed.

S4E4 - Good CopBad Cop

Miss Robbie goes to the career fair.

S4E3 - Disconnection Notice

The team travel to Philly.

S4E2 - Devil's in the Det..

Tim tries to convince Robbie to let students staff the kitchen in Me..

S4E1 - Devil's in the Det..

Tim tries to convince Robbie to let students staff the kitchen in Me..


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S3E14 - Ready to Launch

Tim and Miss Robbie clash over the new restaurant.

S3E10 - Devil's in the De..

Tim tries to convince Robbie to let students staff the kitchen in Me..

S3E9 - Hello Memphis!

Miss Robbie and Tim head to Memphis to check out Beale Street; back ..

S3E8 - The Perfect Storm

Jenae learns about TJ's assistant, pushing tensions to a breaking po..

S3E7 - Somethin's a Brewin'

Tim deals with his relationship with Jenae and later hires an assist..

S3E6 - Can't We All Just ..

Tim thinks a kickball game will loosen up the Upper Crust staff, and..

S3E5 - HoustonWe Have a P..

Tim and Charles consider a new restaurant location as Jenae contempl..

S3E4 - What Happens in Ho..

Robbie joins Tim in Houston to scout new locations; Jenae comes up w..

S3E3 - Negotiating a Dream

Tim returns to Houston to work on plans for a new Sweetie Pie's loca..

S3E2 - Shifting Priorities

Tim takes over at Upper Crust while Robbie helps her brother George ..

S3E1 - Houston's Calling

Robbie mediates a fight between Jan and Michelle at West Florissant...

S2E28 - Holiday Special: ..

A holiday edition featuring clips and interviews.

S2E27 - Fools Rush In

Robbie deals with a difficult decision as the deadline to reopen Wes..

S2E26 - Fools Rush In

Robbie deals with a difficult decision as the deadline to reopen Wes..

S2E24 - Do the Sweetie Pie!

Tim and Robbie face deadline pressure as construction on West Floris..

S2E23 - Do the Sweetie Pie!

Jenae plans TJ's birthday party; Tim tries to turn his mom into a mu..

S2E22 - Surprise?

Tim plans a surprise for Robbie's birthday; Charles encounters troub..

S2E21 - While Robbie's Aw..

Tim and Robbie meet with a literary agent in New York to discuss a p..

S2E20 - Scheming and Drea..

Robbie wants to reopen West Florissant, but Tim's isn't sure it's wo..

S2E19 - Give & Take

Jenae takes steps to prevent Tim from seeing his son; Tyrone prepare..

S2E18 - Sweetie Pie's On-..

Charles decides to help Tim start a delivery service; Jenae and Moni..

S2E17 - You Gonna Learn T..

Tim starts a delivery business without consulting his mother; Robbie..

S2E16 - Vote for MeI'll S..

Tim and Robbie take turns looking after Ike; Andre picks Charles to ..

S2E15 - Baby-Proofed

Tim trains Andre in the family business while he prepares for his fi..

S2E13 - Highballs & Low-B..

Robbie hires a tutor for Andre. Elsewhere, the Upper Crust's liquor ..

S2E12 - Voices CarryCharl..

Charles is kicked out of Monique's house and opts to move in with Ti..

S2E11 - Lean on Me

Jenae surprises Robbie with a girls' night out involving a stripteas..

S2E10 - Holiday Special

A holiday edition, featuring the cast members sharing stories of lif..

S2E9 - The Future of the ..

Conclusion. The staff deals with the fallout from Tim's decision to ..

S2E8 - The Future of the ..

Part 1 of 2. Robbie focuses on consolidating restaurants and prepare..

S2E7 - Just Say 'Yes Ma'am'

Tim sends staff members from the Mangrove to assist an ailing Robbie..

S2E5 - Showing Up Is Hard..

Jenae makes plans for TJ's first-birthday party, but Tim's duties ma..

S2E4 - Don't Be a Party P..

There's no rest for the weary as Robbie deals with squabbling employ..

S2E3 - For Love or Money

Tim lands a huge catering gig for the same weekend as the annual fam..

S2E2 - The Upper Crust vs..

Tim views the newly minted Upper Crust as competition and battles Ro..

S2E1 - Welcome to the Upp..

In the season opener, Robbie plans a party to celebrate the opening ..