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What helps a hangover?

As we've all tried and found out the hard way, there is no real way to fully cure a hangover. When you're left lying in bed and wishing you hadn't drank so much the previous night you're left to go back to the internet to desperately search for a way to ease the suffering. We all know the feeling and that's what lead you to this article. Luckily, there are ways to help prevent a hangover being so severe and help you to be feeling better in no time by following several tips to help you recover and get back into your daily routine once you've found yourself in this infamous situation.


Water: As with every article, you're going to be told the same thing. Water is the absolute key to getting back into your best condition. You lost a lot of hydration when you were drinking and you failed to get back the water and minerals that you need. Ideally, you need to drink a glass of water for each alcoholic drink you have but if we're all being honest, most of us aren't responsible enough to do that. So even during the night after, you need to drink as much water as possible if you want to help ease that headache that's keeping you down.


Eat a big nutritious breakfast: Whilst drinking, you lose a lot of your blood sugar level that you need to refill. So eating a nice big bowl of cereal or a couple slices of toast will help to increase those levels and get you feeling energetic again. The electrolytes will help your body to be feeling back to normal again but be careful with what you choose. Eating a greasy, full english breakfast isn't likely to help as you need easily digestible foods whilst you have a hangover.


Ginger and prickly pear: Studies have shown that eating ginger will greatly help you to reduce the nausea and vomiting after a long night of drinking. Simply try nibbling on some crystallised ginger to help you feel less sick and weak. This, combined with a prickly pear can offer some natural repellent for hangover symptoms and leave you feeling fine without having to take any pills.


Sleep: Your body likely didn't get much rest when you left the party to go sleep. Sleep is the body's natural form of restoration and will need it in order to heal itself. Your lack of sleep won't make the hangover too much worse though it will make your body feel more fatigued and groggy, leading you to heal slower and feel the hangover for a longer period of time. It is recommended that you lay down and try and get an extensive amount of rest. This will allow your body time to heal itself and leave you feeling a little more energetic. Plus you can't feel the effects of a hangover when you're sleeping.


Sugar: It has been shown that if you take a regular amount of sugar during your drinking session, your body will be able to metabolize the alcohol quicker. This means that you'll be using less of your blood sugar and keeping it at a relatively high rate. The less it plummets, the better it is for you as you want to keep it nice and high to prevent headaches and sickness.


Sports drink: Whilst this isn't something that's going to heavily affect you, you lose a fair amount of vitamins and electrolytes whilst you drink. Sports drinks are packed with these electrolytes and minerals that you need to restore your body with and so can help you to start feeling more healthy and fill you with more energy. Your main focus is giving your body back what it lost so at least having one or two of these as well as water can't hurt you more than it'll help.


Painkillers: Pills aren't the most effective method to treating your hangover but they're not a bad option. Taking a couple of ibuprofen or aspirin pills can ease your headache significantly when accompanied with some water. Though, be careful when doing this as if you have a sensitive stomach then they can end up making you feel more sick. If you have a sensitive stomach and feel like pills could make you throw up, your best option is ibuprofen as they should still give you relative ease. The last thing you want is to end up throwing up everything you've just tried so hard to get back in your body.
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