What is the best medicine to take for a hangover?

Hangover is a situation of feeling unwell after doing excessive drinking. Its symptoms are headaches, nausea, backache, drowsiness and sometimes even vomiting, etc. There are many medicines which can be used to relieve these symptoms. These medications can relieve some symptoms and aggravate other symptoms. And in this article, we will put some light on which medications can be used and what is the best medicine to take for a hangover.


Its active ingredient is IBUPROFEN.

Advil is a very valuable drug to be used against headaches of the hangover. The medicine pills are small and easy to swallow. But there is also a drawback of this tiny size of its pills. Many people take more pills than recommended to feel better enough as if nothing happened. They swallow three to four pills at a time. Moreover, it is a short acting drug. Hence, its preventive effect remains for just four to six hours. Hence, you have to take it again and again until all the symptoms of the hangover are totally reversed. However, there is also an advantage of this drug which is that it is sugar coated.

Tylenol Extra Strength
Its active ingredient is ACETAMINOPHEN.
Tylenol is very effective against colds. Tylenol is preferred over Advil only when you want to sleep or take rest because Advil does not let you sleep. Tylenol Extra Strength is pretty effective against hangover. With this, headaches of the hangover can be relieved and always use Tylenol when you also got colds.

Excedrin Extra Strength
Its active ingredients are ASPIRIN, ACETAMINOPHEN and CAFFEINE, etc.

Excedrin is really a very good drug if you are tired after an exciting party but now also have to work on an assignment before going to bed. Because it is a combination of analgesic and caffeine, it is also very effective against hangover. Headaches can be relieved by analgesics and caffeine can provide you alertness. However, if you are feeling nausea, then it can aggravate that effect. Moreover, aspirin and acetaminophen can also damage your stomach, but this side effect is more likely in very heavy drinkers. Despite these adverse effects, this medicine still operates in an effective way against the hangover. And, if you use this drug to relieve hangover symptoms then it is not a bad choice.

Aleve Liquid Gels
Its active ingredient is NAPROXEN.

Unlike Advil and Tylenol, Aleve is a long acting drug. One to two pills of his can provide desirable effects for at least twelve to twenty-four hours. Another desirable effect of this is that in addition to relieving headache, it can also lessen nausea. Moreover, it also predisposes less liver and heart problems risks than Tylenol and Advil. Though it is usually swallowed as pills, if you dislike swallowing pills, liquid forms of this medicine is also available.

Blowfish for Hangovers
Its active ingredients are ASPIRIN and CAFFEINE etc.

This is especially advertised as an effective product against hangover. This is because aspirin in it act as analgesic and caffeine in it provides alertness. Furthermore, it can also be dissolved in a glass of water. This makes its use easy for those people who find it difficult or irritating to swallow pills. Moreover, in dissolved form, it is also absorbed quickly. This process decreases the time between drug administration and desired therapeutic effects of drug starting to appear in the body. But there are also some disadvantages of this drug. The combination of caffeine and aspirin causes nausea type feeling. Moreover, this drug is also costly and its fragrance is pretty good while the taste is ugly.


Aspirin can also be used to cure the hangover. Since alcohol and aspirin both are blood thinners. So, using both at a time can aggravate each other effects. This can lead to blood thinning to a very horrible level. This can lead very excessive bleeding from ordinary cuts. And, if bleeding not checked, it can also lead to shock. In such cases, you have to take coagulants externally.

Aspirin also got some other disadvantages. Like ibuprofen and acetaminophen, there is a possibility that its adverse effects are amplified by the alcohol in the body. They can damage hepatic cells. Ibuprofen can also lead to GIT irritation as well as bleeding in the stomach.

The best way to use it as a cure for the hangover is to swallow its pills in the morning. After that, rest again on the bed for almost 60 to 180 minutes. After waking up, the person feels better than before.

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