What is the best medicine to take for a hangover

Every week person’s nightmare is “HANGOVER”. After having a stressful week men/women always look to clear their brain and enjoy the weekend whole-heartedly and that may sometimes or let’s say most of the times include Alcohol. And after having the Pleasure of having fun with friends, the very next morning, This demon haunts the Victim with headache, dizziness, diarrhea, nausea and many more making him feel incomplete and ill all the day, So What exactly can one do to let this hangover leave him/her?

There is no such particular medicine prescribed by anyone or labelled as “Hangover removal” pill or medicine, So there are a lot of ways to deal with this issue. The Solutions sometimes seem funny but they do work!


Whenever you have a lot of Alcohol in your body, your Body dehydrates and you will have to hydrate the body as soon as possible to get over Hangover. Basically headache falls in when any one of your body part or multiple body parts report malfunction internally, So While in Hangover, the issue will be because of Water dehydration inside the body.

So Drink a lot of water until you feel hydrated again, There is a study that tells that every time you have alcohol try to keep on drinking water with every glass of wine. So that levels up the water quantity alongside you will have fun with alcohol.

Pain Killers:

This is an easy way to get over your headache, but try to keep up only with Aspirin, Naproxen instead of Tylenol, Of Course it is for headache, but studies show that your liver runs metabolic activities for the alcohol that is in your body, and if you consume alcohol, the metabolism continues for about 60-75 minutes of alcohol consumption, and Tylenol instantly causes damage to liver and causes burning sensation in Stomach. So avoid Tylenol and similar pills that causes danger internally.


It is obvious that you think, you will sleep as soon as you get drunk, but that is not true. After you drink, your memories let the nervous system to re-memorize moments (happy or sad) and there’s no chance for your brain to rest, So it is advised that you Go back and take some deep sleep and then you will definitely feel better and refreshed with improvement in Headache and hangover.


Let all the dizziness in you leave, so Exercise and stretch your body a bit and this may reduce the Hangover affect, because sweating out reduces a decent amount of calories as sweat, So you can feel much better after the stretch. And also this eases up your body a little bit, So try keeping yourself up and fit even if you feel sick because of your headache. Involving yourself in any particular task helps you a lot to keep yourself away from pain. And also try not to dehydrate yourself, so keep a water bottle aside you while you workout.

Carbs and Greasy Food:

Keep yourself busy eating food, because a lot of people keep drinking a lot at weekends and forget to eat at all, this fills your entire body with a liquid that warms you up from inside and outside in the morning and causes Hangover. So Follow a proper diet eat more carbs, because carbs help you in increasing your sugar levels up, So as soon as you wake up have Carbs rich breakfast, and also have lunch, as said, keep eating. When your Liver is busy metabolizing the alcohol inside your stomach, these carbs help produce enough level of Sugar inside, to help you with your Hangover. Anything rich in Carbs just eat’em! And also try to eat greasy foods that will reduce the Blood stream from intoxicating quickly and helps you in slowing your Hangover.


Although Caffeine has properties to both cause and reduce Headache, it is for few people who miss their Morning coffee, and also for Hangover, People often prefer Caffeine which provide instant relief to the most of them in the list, So, Have a cup of coffee as soon as you wake up and that will deal with Headache and other hangover issues. And keep in mind again, Coffee and caffeine are also a possible reason for dehydration, So have a cup of water in handy to deal with it.

And there is another medication or remedy as well, But it is considered stupid, and may also cause a double hangover instead of being a solution, it is, having more Alcohol or “Hair of the Dog” as it is famously termed as. This may give you instant relief but later increases dehydration and also heightens the issue of Hangover once you wake up on the next day morning.

Despite all this, One of the major suggestion is to drink in your limits without having to worry about it in the Morning, we all know, this is going to cost us our health, So having that in mind and having a drink or two and spending quality time is always recommended to spend your Weekend with Joy.



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