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What is the ultimate hangover cure?

The age old question that's on everybody's minds! What is the ultimate proven cure to solve a hangover? Everybody enjoys a good drink now and then but despite being the responsible adults that we all clearly are, we just can't help but to overindulge! That's fine within moderation, a good party deserves a good drink, though everyone regrets having so much alcohol when they wake up the next day and have to deal with a pesky hangover.


There is no single cure


The first thing you need to know is there is no one single thing you can do to remove your hangover. Unfortunately, you can't wake up and pop a pill that will make you feel back to normal. Though a combination of things will help you to feel less sick and aid you in lessening your suffering for various different reasons.


Rehydration and restoration


You lost a lot of hydration whilst you were drinking and you are dehydrated. There's no way around it. You should've drank water the previous night but you didn't and are paying the price for it. Luckily, you don't need to worry. As well as drinking plenty of water, you can combine a whole bunch of natural ingredients that can all restore what you lost during your night out and help you feel back to yourself again.


Coconut water: Whilst drinking regular water will suit you just fine for rehydrating your body, it is recommended that you try getting a couple glasses of coconut water down. Coconut is more useful to you than your regular tap water as it contains vital electrolytes, sodium and potassium that can help your body to get back all it's lost minerals. This will help you reduce your headache significantly and is the best method of rehydration.


Bananas: When you go to have your breakfast, try having some bananas with your cereal. Whilst aiding in rehydrating you, they are also an excellent source of potassium and nutrients that you lost whilst you were drinking alcohol the previous night. This should help to again, reduce the headache in your hangover and allow you to gain more energy and feel less fatigued.


Ginger: This is a key ingredient in helping to heal the effects of a hangover. Nibbling at some ginger can significantly reduce the effects of nausea and sickness to help you feel back to normal and give you a stronger stomach. If the other ingredients target your headache and weakness, this one is scientifically proven to tackle your nausea and will help in any cases. It is highly recommend you keep some of this nearby for your next drinking session if you want to feel less like you're going to vomit any second.


Celery: Whilst a boring and bland substance, celery can vastly help you to ease your hangover and reduce your headache greatly. Thanks to it's anti-inflammatory properties, it can help reduce the inflammation caused by drinking without the need for any pills giving you a natural cure for your ailment.


Toast: Your blood sugar levels are low and you need to bring them back up. Along with a glass of coconut water and a banana, try having a couple slices of toast for breakfast to help bring you blood sugar back up. Your hangover is mostly caused by the lack of glucose in your blood thanks to all the metabolizing it needed to do when the alcohol was running through your liver. Having a hearty and nutritious breakfast with lots of carbohydrates are guaranteed to bring them back up and leave you feeling a little more healthy and energetic. Hydration is your number one priority but restoring your blood sugar levels is your second to tackle your unbearable hangover.


Sleep: After restoring your hydration and blood sugar levels, there's only one place you need to go to help them take effect inside you. Go to bed. Sleep is the body's natural healing point and sleeping will help it to heal itself. If you're sleeping, you're not feeling the hangover effects and your body is having an easier time healing you. Your body is a remarkable thing, it can heal itself in a rather fast amount of time if you let it, you just have to give it the opportunity to. Have a drink, feed yourself and go get some much needed rest. You probably didn't get much sleep anyway which will leave you tired and fatigued. There's no real losing scenario here, take the day to relax and sleep in a little. You've earned the hangover, at least try and make something of it.
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