Where Can I buy CBD patches?



About the real CBD patches

The relax bio energy or simply CBD patch is a bio energy patch that is programmed with the frequencies of cannabis, which delivers signals to the CB1 receptors influencing appropriate neurons in the human nervous system. Here, CBD stands for Cannabidiol: which is the second most abundant cannabinoid –protein based bio-receptors – in medical cannabis.

The human CB1 receptors are biological transducers: they convert energy in the body into electrical signals. They are the basic building blocks of sense organs such as the tongue, as well as being distributed in areas such as the skin and viscera.

How does the CBD patch work?

The CBD patches, like other bio energy patches are made using bio energy synthesis technology that makes the patches sensitive to RF (radio frequencies). They are non-transdermal and hypoallergenic, and as a result are safe on the skin.

It is known through research that all receptors are sensitive to two attributes of stimulation, which are the location and the intensity of the stimulation. The frequency of nerve impulse discharge of a neuron and the number of sensory nerves determine the intensity of the stimulation. When the strength of a stimulus increases, the rate at which the receptor’s electrical potential changes is increased; this also affects the frequency of the nerve impulse, allowing for dopamine (a neurotransmitter) to be released when the brain is satiated.

By using mimicking the process described above, a CBD patch can help one to feel relaxed when having issues such as worry or doubt.

Where can you buy the CBD patches?

These CBD patches are available for sale on various online and offline stores including healthyhempoil.com, alphabiocentrix.com, greenwellnesslife.com, hellomd.com, and several other stores.

However, at NationalRemedies.com we offer a better alternative to the CBD patches offered by these stores.


About national remedies’ CBD patch

The relax bio energy patch medical cannabis (CBD) alternative by national remedies is designed to provide the necessary bio-frequencies, need to enhance the body in reaching a state of utmost relaxation. This patch is not necessarily a CBD patch, but an alternative. The relax patch uses the frequencies of Indica Cannabis, which is associated with muscle relaxation and calming.

Our relax patch is infused with the same bio frequencies used in Medical Cannabis, and when used in combination with Medical Cannabis will intensify the level of relaxation – as far as it is within the range of the medical benefits of CBD.

Customers who are experiencing any of the following should consider purchasing the relax patch from nationalremedies.com: chronic stress, anxiety about finances, health related anxiety, fear of something bad happening making your nervous system to be on alert at all times.

The relax bio energy patch from national remedies is highly effective as it gives a soothing feeling to the brain of the user. We offer the patch at a very affordable price; you can get these patches at the price of $29.99 on nationalremedies.com complete with the directions for application.


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