Younger (2015)


Follows 40-year-old Liza (Foster), a suddenly single mother who tries to get back into the working world, only to find out it's nearly impossible to start at the bottom at her age. When a chance encounter with a 20-something guy at a bar convinces her she looks younger than she is, Liza tries to pass herself off as 26 -- with the help of a makeover, courtesy of her best friend Maggie (Mazar). Armed with new confidence, she lands a job as an assistant to the temperamental Diana (Shor) and teams up with her new co-worker and fellow 20-something Kelsey (Duff) to make it in the career of her dreams.
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S5E5 - Big Little Liza

Liza's secret forces her to think on her feet. Kelsey gets familiar ..

S5E4 -The Talented Mr. Ri..

Liza takes a chance on a charming journalist, both professionally an..

S5E3 - The End of the Tour

Liza faces complications on the Marriage Vacation book tour. Kelsey ..

S5E2 -A Titanic Problem

Liza and Kelsey seek out a potential business partner for Millennial..

S5E1 -#LizaToo

Liza returns to Empirical hoping to resume business as usual. Charl..

S4E12 - Irish Goodbye

Liza and Maggie meet Josh in Ireland. Kelsey is forced to play nice ..

S4E11 - It's LoveActually

Liza pursues a new relationship as Kelsey revisits an old one. Diana..

S4E10 - A Novel Marriage

Liza is drawn into her author's Upper East Side life, forcing her wo..

S4E9 - The Incident at Po..

Sparks fly at the annual Empirical Publishing picnic; Liza finds her..

S4E8 - The Gelato and the..

Liza receives a great opportunity at work, but there's a catch; Josh..

S4E7 - Fever Pitch

Liza discovers an exciting new author, whose pitch takes an unexpect..

S4E6 - A Close Shave

The success of Liza and Kelsey's latest title spurs a Twitter feud, ..

S4E5 - The Gift of the Ma..

Liza hunts for a new romance author, which brings her closer to Char..

S4E4 - In the Pink

Liza and Kelsey dive back into the dating pool and quickly discover ..

S4E3 - Forged in Fire

Liza and Kelsey reach breaking point at a work retreat. Later: Liza ..

S4E2 - Gettin' Hygge With..

Liza faces further fallout with Kelsey, who is infuriated by Liza's ..

S4E1 - Post Truth

Liza deals with the aftermath of coming clean with Kelsey and Charle..

S3E12 - Get Real

Liza faces some hard truths after an encounter with a famous life co..

S3E11 - A Book Fair to Re..

Liza gets closer to Charles at a book fair and Kelsey feels neglecte..

S3E10 - PigeonsParrotsand..

Liza and Josh have a near miss, but react very differently, which pu..

S3E9 - Summer Friday

A bidding war begins when hype builds around Colin's novel after Kel..

S3E7 - Ladies Who Lust

A women's erotica event threatens to expose the author's secret whil..

S3E6 - MeMyselfand O

Liza and Kelsey pursue an erotica author who writes under a pseudony..

S3E5 - P is for Pancake

Kelsey starts dating, but Liza and Lauren fear she's moving too fast..

S3E4 - A Night at the Opera

Liza tries to sign YouTube stars to Empirical.

S3E3 - Last Days of Books

Liza tries saving a bookstore in her hometown and Kelsey starts dati..

S3E2 - The Marshmallow Ex..

Liza's identity is threatened by Thad's laptop and Kelsey. Also: a S..

S3E1 - A Kiss is Just A K..

Liza sends Caitlin off to college and weighs her feelings for Josh a..

S2E12 - No Weddings & a F..

Tragedy strikes and Liza wonders if she should end her 26-year-old l..


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S2E6 - Un-Jaded

When their first author proves to be more trouble than she’s worth..


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S2E2 - The Mao Function

Liza questions Josh's interest in her; Kelsey is courted by another ..

S2E1 - Tattoo You

Liza tries to sort out her relationship with Josh; Caitlin returns f..


When Liza’s lies come to a head, she faces ruination both professi..


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S1E6 - Shedonism

Liza gets to prove herself when Diana tasks her with running a book ..


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S1E3 - IRL

Liza worries about sleeping with Josh and seeks help from Maggie; Ke..


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