How To Use An Anal Douche?

Anal douching will become your favorite procedure once you will reveal its health benefits. People eat a variety of things every day. Some are easy to digest and some are stuck longer in there. Cleansing the waste out of anus becomes a bit daunting when you are not taking proper diet and your bowels are not functioning effectively. You may not like to indulge in anal play if you are not able to perfectly cleanse yourself. Therefore, you need to try anal douching before you try anal play. This article will reveal how to use an anal douche properly to remove everything accumulating in your anal canal. 

Anal douching guide:

The primary purpose of anal douching is to clean the anal region before you go for anal sex. The process will mainly depend on the type of anal douche you use to cleanse your anal canal. You get three types of douches for the same process. However, their working methods are a bit different. So, pay attention to how to use these three anal douches for cleansing your rectum. 

Bulb syringe douching is the easiest douching technique. It is for the beginners who have not tried anal cleansing before. It can be easily available in the market at a very reasonable cost. There are two main components of bulb-syringe, a bulb and a nozzle. The bulb contains cleansing water whereas nozzle goes into the butt for cleansing. Both components are attached via a hose that is long enough to support a convenient operation. 

No, this technique does not involve a shower for douching. You just need to stand on your toilet bowl and clean the colon. You can get this anal douche with both small and large nozzle. Prefer a douche with a large nozzle to ensure easy cleaning. The longer nozzle allows you to clean deeply and remove feces and waste. So, prefer a bulb syringe douche with a long nozzle. Follow the given tips when using bulb-syringe douche. 

Consider the spray pattern of the nozzle to know how this douche will release water in your anal canal. This douche can be available with different size nozzle and their spray pattern will also depend on the size of the nozzle. Choose a nozzle that sprays water straight. Put the nozzle in your anus and press the bulb to spray water. If you want to feel some pleasure during the cleansing process, bulb-syringe douching can be an excellent way of doing that. You can choose a bulb-syringe douche with a beaded or grooved nozzle and enjoy exciting cleansing sessions. 

It may feel a bit uncomfortable if it is your first time, but soon you will feel refreshed. You will like it when the nozzle will enter within your anus and spray water around the sphincter muscles. It will feel much like putting anal beads to enjoy anal simulation. 

  • Fill the water:

Proper preparation can help you in douching perfectly. Let’s start by filling water in your bag or bulb of bulb-syringe douche. You can choose distilled or a bottle of water, but water temperature matters a lot. The water temperature should not be hotter than room temperature. If you fill hot water in the bulb or bag, it will cause discomfort when you will spray water in your anal canal. It can be very dangerous for the internal layer of your rectum if not spray hot water. 

Fill cold water does not cause any damage and that’s why it is perfect for anal douching. Do not prepare any mixture of water and another solution. It may cause irritation in your rectum. Choose clear water for anal douching and there will be no complications. You can push the bulb and rinse the douche in water to fill it up. Thus, there will be enough water for anal cleansing.

  • Insert the douche in your rectum:

Once water is filled into the bulb, now is the time to put the nozzle in your anus. Be prepared for it because it may cause a tickling feeling. You should apply some lubricant on the nozzle and also to your anus before you push nozzle into your butthole. Use water-based lubricant for anal douching. Silicone-based or oil-based lubes can make it difficult to cleanse the anal canal perfectly because their solution will stick around the internal walls.  

You will have to stand in squatting pose when putting anal douches. Put the nozzle only two inches in the rectum and then get ready for the next step.  

  • Squeeze the bulb:

Once the nozzle is in your rectum, now is the time to squeeze the bulb and insert water in your anal canal. You have to spray water inside the anal canal and make sure water will not get back in the bulb. If water gets back in the bulb, you will have to douche it and then refill the water. So, keep it in mind while douching. 

  • Remove water:

Now stand like you are doing squats and then clutch the internal muscles of the rectum to push water out of your rectum. It will be very helpful if you stand over your toilet bowl. Thus, the waste will fall directly into the bowl and you will not need to clean the surface after anal douching. 

The beginners might feel a little uncomfortable after anal douching. It is totally normal because it is the first time you have tried an additional way of cleansing your anal canal. Wipe out your rectum with a clean cloth to finish anal douching and you are done. 

Is it safe?

It is possible that you may hurt your internal organs when trying to cleanse your rectum. Complications can occur only if you go very rough and do not apply the lube. Choose high-quality anal douche made of secure material. Make sure the nozzle’s edge is not too sharp and there are no scratches to avoid injuries. Anal douching is a safe way of cleaning rectum and anal canal before anal play. The accident can happen only when you do not take precautions. So, follow every step carefully and there will be nothing to worry.