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Natural Remedies is a wellness-focused company that actively encourages the use of natural remedies to treat mental and physical conditions. Their new Bio Energy Patch was designed to provide the body and muscles with healing and restorative frequencies. LOCATION-DATE—Modern man faces a plethora of pains and illnesses that our ancestors did not know. Many in […]

Do уоu еnjоу gоing оut аt night with friеndѕ and gеtting a few drinkѕ but уоu juѕt can nоt hаndlе the hangover thе nеxt mоrning? Are you having doubts if hangover patch is really safe? Are you tirеd of experiencing thе after-effects оf a night or dау оf intеnѕе аlсоhоl use? Cаn уоu fееl уоur […]

As the product provides Addiction Treatments to drug addicts [SAN PEDRO, CA]- Bassem Ghobryal, the CEO of Nаtіоnаl Remedies is hарру tо announce their product, Relax Bіо Enеrgу Pаtсh Mеdісаl Cannabis (CBD) аltеrnаtіvе. The product іѕ a Hеrоіn Addiction Trеаtmеnt ѕuррlеmеnt рrоduсеd fоr аdultѕ ѕtrugglіng wіth drug аddісtіоnѕ аnd wаnt tо ѕtор. Thіѕ Rеlаx Bio […]

Holistic healers believe that all disorders in the body occur because of blocked energy, but that those blockages can be broken through using biofrequency therapies. Biofrequencies are an exciting new concept in holistic healing, and they are going through a phase of being more widely accepted as a form of wellness therapy, similar to what […]

Bio energy patches are not a chemical alternative. Any person can wear them on his left shoulder or anyplace on the left side to increase energy. It is also not a drug. It is basically a frequency patch. It is programmed with different frequencies of nature. These frequencies help a human body to energize itself. […]

Did you know that according to studies, nearly 1 in 20 people may be affected by fibromyalgia to some degree? Yes, it is that common and most people are just ‘popping pills’ for the pain without knowing what it really is. Being a difficult condition to diagnose, it has been difficult to calculate the overall […]

Patients have been using marijuana to treat many medical conditions including nausea from chemotherapy, chronic pain and other ailments. However, the CBD in marijuana causes serious side-effects as well. The smoke from marijuana contains more carcinogens than any cigarette or tobacco. Over time it can cause organ failure and impair the cognitive functions. There are […]

A synthetic opioid with analgesic activity. Methadone mimics the actions of endogenous peptides at CNS opioid receptors, primarily on the mu-receptor and has actions similar to those of morphine and morphine-like agents. The characteristic morphine-like effects include analgesia, euphoria, sedation, respiratory depression, miosis, bradycardia and physical dependence. However, the detoxification symptoms between morphine-like agents and […]

People of all ages suffer the harmful consequences of drug abuse and addiction. Adults who abuse drugs often have problems thinking clearly, remembering, and paying attention. They often develop poor social behaviors as a result of their drug abuse, and their work performance and personal relationships suffer. What makes a drug addict abuse drugs? For […]