Bio Energy Patches Promises to End All Disease

The Bio Energy Patch can be compared to a cellphone because it functions as a frequency signal. It is a form of carbon crystalline placed in a patch that utilizes an all-type natural transformation of energy. It is also a whole catalytic material, which is formed for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

How the Bio Energy Patch is Developed

Bio Energy Patch is made through a conversion process that is typically known as the technology of Bio Energy Synthesis. Engineers who are responsible for programming digital data or information created this technology through the use of AFG or the Accelerator Frequency Generator.

This type of technology has gone popular in the field of medical industry. The Bio patches intend to catalyze and activate any necessary resources in order to enhance the brain and body functions.   Through it, missing communication of body cells is replaced and it also helps in the acceleration of the natural capability of the body to faster restore its normal performance.

When you wear Bio Energy Patches in the duration advised by your doctors, a sequence of energetic and corrective exchange that improve balance, over reactive, disorient and weak energy is experienced by your body.

Then, it responds to the frequency information (corrective) infused in the bio energy patches. Simply speaking, these Bio Energy Patches consist of magnetically encrypted data that serves its purpose until those energy patches are mounted to any parts of human body.

Bio Energy Patch Emits Frequency Signals

Like cellphone frequency, it releases a particular frequency signals that enable the body’s central nervous system’s communication to open up.  Thus, disseminating information regarding body system or organ deficiency or imbalance.  With the sympathetic resonance, which pertains to the connection between the body’s central nervous system and Bio Energy Patch, the mind and body are able to readjust and retain balance.

Your body cell is similar to a machine that is driven by energy to work well. That is why when the body cells suffer from imbalance, the human body will surely suffer. With the frequency signal emitted by Bio Energy Patches, the impaired or affected cells are reprogrammed to maintain its balance.


Material Used In Bio Energy Patch Technology

The material used in this patch is a hypo-allergenic and FDA ratified medical pads (woven), which is created by the 3M firm.  It is specially developed with an adhesive (waterproof) that is designed for various types of human skin. The energy patches are also created from a Biofeedback material, which is intended from NASA and to the space suits’ inner line. It is also made of vinyl/poly, crystalline and carbon combination inserted with a type of metalized fragments made the transfer and hold frequency.

The patches emit a bio-trigger that vibrates at a particular frequency combination. Those created radio frequencies interact with the central nervous system to counter any body imbalance. It can be compared to any battery holding its charge.

Bio Energy Patch can greatly work in addressing body pain and inflammation. It can be directly applied to your body’s painful points such as on your elbows and knees.

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