How much water do you have to drink to avoid a hangover

Are you presuming to wake up fresh after hangover last night?

No, it is not that easy to get through the consequences of hangover after waking up the next morning. Because, it pains a lot and shows many symptoms of throwing up but the real pain is that you can’t throw up and you need to go through the pain inside the body. You will also have a severe head ache because of hangover.

But guys, don’t worry there are some safety measures out there by which you can get out of hangover or you can get out of pain and rest.

So, first let us know what’s hangover?


Hangovers have been around since humans have been drinking alcohol but most people doesn’t know about it but surprisingly only few people know little about them. Hangovers can be described as any number of symptoms ranging from head ache and leading it to irritability but if we need to stop them we need to know about the root causes which our brain and liver damage. Normally your brain runs on a number of neurotransmitters that change the way signals are transmitted. In our brain we have two neurotransmitters which are Glumate and GABA. Glumate increases the activity of the brain and GABA slows down the activity of the brain. However, alcohol increases the effect of GABA in the brain by its receptors. So, the person with hangover cannot control himself from doing any activity.


Until you’re in hangover you will have serious effects happening to your body and some effects also effects your organs.

  • It effects your sleeping quality by which your brain gets affected.
  • An enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase breaks the alcohol into a chemical called acetaldehyde. This acetaldehyde is thirty times more toxin than alcohol and causes liver cirrhosis. It also damages liver.
  • It gives you the symptoms of throwing up and also the stomach aches badly because it just gives you the feeling of throwing up but you can’t actually vomit.
  • It increases the GABA neurotransmitters and slows the functioning of brain.
  • The person who is hungover cannot control his body by hyper excitability and has severe head ache and easily gets irritated.
  • Alcohol decreases production of anti-diuretic hormones in the body.
  • It decreases the sugar levels in the body and also dehydrates.

Some measures

There are so many measures out there to get rid of hangover scientifically and naturally. Many scientists recommend people to use natural remedies to get rid of hangover. Now talking about measures, consuming lemon in the form of lemon juice with sugar or lemon tea without sugar can reduce your hangover, you can have some tomato juice as soon as you wake up in the morning but you need to drink the soup slowly. For quick relief you can also have raw fruits but an apple is best to have for quick relief from hangover. Finally, you can have a banana milkshake with honey which also helps in reducing head ache. But the most recommended and followed method for reducing hangover is to drink tons of water with alcohol so that you can wake up fresh the next morning without head ache and other effects. Also, many doctors recommend to drink a lot of water which also helps us from dehydration.

Avoiding Hangover with water

So how can we reduce hangover with water? And how much water we should have to reduce hangover?

Don’t worry, let’s talk about it.

As so many people consume raw alcohol which is very harmful and can easily cause hangover so, it is suggested to mix water with alcohol while consuming so that the effect of molecules which causes dizziness present in the alcohol can be decreased and will also reduce the possibilities of hangover. And another reason of water being best remedy for avoiding hangover is, it helps our body from getting dehydrated which is very harmful and also can result to death.

Amount of water to be consumed

So, talking about amount of water to be consumed for evading hangover. We need to consume a ton of water but according to some sources we need to have at least 3-4 bottles of water approximately. So that we can be safe hangover effects.

Drink water

So, if you want to be free from hangover and want to wake up fresh the next morning, you just need to make sure that you are consuming a lot of water or you can mix it with your alcohol so that you can be aware by the effects of hangover and can enjoy your day without any troubles.

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