How to Purchase Cannabis Pain Patch

Pain is an uncomfortable and inconvenient sensation we feel when there is a slight problem in some parts of the body. Pain has to do with only fibrous tissue and muscle together with bone. Pain is not usually felt in the blood.  Pain notifies the body system of unfriendly situation in the body.

Pain can symptom of a disease or disease itself if it persists for a very long period of time. Pain can either be acute or chronic pain. Pain is said to be acute if it occurs for a short of time and does not persist. This type of pain can easily be suppressed by ordinary analgesic drugs. Analgesics are special medications targeted at pain, from analgesia meaning relief from pain. These drugs are either called pain killers or pain relievers. Some of these analgesics are NSAIDs that is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Other type of pain is chronic pain. This is example of pain felt in osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. It is a persistence pain that is not always cured by ordinary analgesic drugs. Example of chronic pain is also priapism. Priapism is a persistent purposeless painful penile erection. Analgesic drug whether it is recommended or over the counter (OTC), may not have reasonable effect on this type of pain. Fibromyalgia pain is the most crucial in this case.

A good number of medications have been set aside for fibromyalgia pain relief and other related chronic pain conditions. Most of these medications that are used in fibromyalgia treatment are often harmful as they have many side effects. However, patch treatment like cannabis patch for fibromyalgia and nerve pain patch are recorded encouraging result in treating and eradicating the pain.

Cannabis has been used as an all-purpose homeopathic remedy for centuries. Over time, evidence suggests that the plant was an herbal remedy for psycho-neurological disorders, breast cancer, rheumatism, sexual disorders, and painful complications related to childbirth. Now, this ancient tool has a new, modern application. A cannabis patch is now available for patients with fibromyalgia and diabetic nerve pain.

The significance of cannabis patch for fibromyalgia has generated a lot of questions like where and how to buy it. A company specialized in the development of cannabis-based therapeutics, recently announced the development of two new medications for pain relief in people with fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy nerve pain.

Transdermal patches are medicated adhesive patches designed to be placed on the skin in order to release small amounts of medication into the bloodstream over a longer period of time. Patches should be placed on a venous area of skin for proper absorption and offer a different type of relief than topical creams. “Topical creams can typically be absorbed by the top 1-3 layers of skin and may offer pain relief locally, to say a shoulder or knee,” Graham Sorkin, of Mary’s says. “Transdermal patches differ from topical creams in that the medicine goes thru all 7 epidermal layers of skin and enters directly into bloodstream. Transdermal patches deliver systematic rather than localized relief.”

The two new pharmaceutical pain relievers will be marketed as transdermal adhesive patches that deliver a certain dose of medication into the bloodstream by absorption through the patient’s skin.

Transdermal drug delivery routes have the potential to promote healing of an injured area of the body. This delivery method can be superior to other types of medication delivery, including oral, topical, intravenous, intramuscular, and others, because of the additional control over the dose administered to the patient.

The patch provides a more controlled release of the medication, either through using a porous membrane to let the medication be absorbed gradually by the skin, or through embedding thin layers of the medicine in the adhesive that melt with the patient’s body heat.


Cannabinoids have an extensive record of medicinal applications, dating back thousands of years. Currently, a number of peer-reviewed scientific publications are documenting the underlying biochemical pathways that cannabinoids modulate.

These patches will contain high potency cannabinoid (CBD) extract, the second major cannabinoid in marijuana after THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The extract slowly enters the bloodstream and then penetrates a patient’s central nervous system to act as a pain reliever.

CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties with no known psychoactive effects. Research has shown that CBD can be an effective treatment for many types of pain, particularly inflammatory pain. Some studies also have shown that CBD might outperform traditional medication when treating inflammatory pain.

“While we strive to increase our land capacity for growth and facilities to produce our own product to supply our scientists with proprietary materials to make these formulations, we are also busy researching more potential needs for Cannabis related medical applications and developing the methods for delivery of these medications,” Raymond C. Dabney, Cannabis Science CEO said in a press release.

“As more states nationwide [in the U.S.] legislate for the legalization of cannabis and cannabis-derived medications, we here at Cannabis Science are focused on developing pharmaceutical formulations and applications to supply the huge growing demand expected over the coming few years,” Dabney stated.

Fibromyalgia is estimated to affect 2%-8% of the population. Patients with fibromyalgia experience chronic widespread pain and a heightened pain response to pressure.




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