Medical Cannabis (CBD) Alternative Bio Energy Patch

Patients have been using marijuana to treat many medical conditions including nausea from chemotherapy, chronic pain and other ailments. However, the CBD in marijuana causes serious side-effects as well. The smoke from marijuana contains more carcinogens than any cigarette or tobacco. Over time it can cause organ failure and impair the cognitive functions. There are safer medical cannabis alternatives which treats the symptoms without putting the patient’s health at risk.

One such option is the Bio Energy patch which is a non-drug, chemical free treatment programmed with natural frequencies to allow the body to get reenergized. This medical cannabis alternative is a safe and effortless treatment which fits into the lifestyle of people of all ages. It is worn on the upper part of the left shoulder or anywhere on the left side of the body to boost the energy provided. The “frequency patch” is made from a specific Biofeedback material which also lines the inside of space suits worn by NASA’s astronauts. It is designed from a blend of vinyl, crystalline and carbon elements with fragments of metal. The material can hold and transmit radiofrequency.

The Bio Energy patch contains a device which has been engineered to emit beneficial frequencies that interact with the human body’s nervous system to provide positive results. The nervous system only accepts the favorable frequencies and discards the rest eliminating the possibility of overdose or side-effects. This patch has been approved by the FDA as an adhesive for the human skin. It is waterproof and hypoallergenic allowing an individual to wear it for 3 consecutive days.

The programming procedure applied in the Bio Energy patch is known as “Bio Energy Synthesis Technology”. It allows bio frequencies below the harmonic level to be imprinted onto a material comprising of carbon alloys. This material is sensitive to radio frequencies and has a shelf life of three years. A special appropriate substrate which efficiently conducts the energy flux is used in the top layer. The patch is constructed to behave as a portable transferring device that can store, transmit digital information in the form of bio-frequencies.

Bio Energy patched is designed to emit a certain set of frequencies to target specific systems in the human body. Different combinations of these frequencies inform the body regarding which area it is supposed to support. Every patch is unique in its function and programmed to target the specific resources that improve brain function, optimize the cell communication and boost u the natural healing process.

Following the protocol of wearing the Bio Energy patch for twenty-four hours every day, immerses your body with remedial exchange of information and physically balances the individual. The human body resonates at the beneficial frequencies emitted by the Bio Energy patch. As the patch has no serious side-effects they can be used in parallel with other treatments and medicines without worrying about an adverse reaction.

National Remedies recommends the Bio Energy Patch to all marijuana using patients as a safe and effective medical cannabis alternative.



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